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Tuffy bit my arm, hard

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Tonite Tuffy was laying in my, I mean his antique rocking chair right next to my side of the bed. I had my arm stretched out across the chair watching TV and petting Tuffy on the belly. He likes to play fight some when I do this but he never gets to rough but he bit my arm real hard and wouldn't let go. He didn't draw blood but that spot is all swelled up and bruised. It hurt so bad I yelled and he let go then. He has been trying to make babys again with the other cats, could he have tried to hold onto my arm like he was holding on to the scruff of another cats neck? I need to get him in and get him "fixed" as they say lol.
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Sleeves used to do this to me, before he got neutered and before we got him a playmate, it hurt like hell. I don't know about the mating thing as Sleeves never tried to make babies with anything, I think we got him neutered just in time.
Since though he's never bitten me once. I'm glad it's had this effect on him as I used to find it very difficult not to scream at him...
I think they do this once they've had enough of the affection, in an 'ok you can get off me now' kind of way.
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Intact males (that is to say, male cats who have not been neutered) tend to become easily overstimulated. Get him neutered and then give it about a month - my bet is that he will return to being a sweet, affectionate boy.
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I have two that have been neutered that do this to us from time to time. Chaplain, who came here at 7 months old (found in an abandoned campground with three siblings) has suddenly allowed us to pet him- but only on the tail section- doing the elevator butt thing. If we stop, or even while we are gently rubbing him he bites us, hard enough to bruise but not to draw blood. I have started wearing long, baggy sleeves when I interact with him, he then bites my shirt, and not me. I would dearly love to find this boy a one-on-one home where he can be adored and loved. He is a striking cat with long black hair, with white tips. I believe they call them jellicle cats. He and Dash look like identical bookends when they sit side-by-side.
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