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Nicky (Maverick_Kitten) Posted this link in the boredom thread and I thought it would be fun to find out what everyone gets!! Mine was pretty accurate - except for the location!

Here's mine!

Sarah Irving is an artist living in the old fishing village of mousehole!

So what does it come up with for you?!
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Hmm, it said Google doesn't know enough about me.
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Good grief, I am head of a support group of queer women!!!
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brandi is a black lab/german shepherd mix
brandi is a proud member of mollydog's pet award webring

that is kinda funny! LOL it also said that i am a greatrole model!
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Says I'm being sucked into a washing machine.
Mental note to self...Be very carefull next time I use the washer.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Hmm, it said Google doesn't know enough about me.
Mine said the same.
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LOL Here's mine:

gaye is doing better than we hoped
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Doesnt know about me either
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nicky williams is unaware that henny youngman has passed on to that great comedy club in the sky
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Doesn't know enough about me either!
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if I search my first and last name, it says it doesn't know enough about me.

If I search only my first name, I get an endless list of really weird statements.

  • marie is a sprightly tortie who loves to ambush others from the staircase landing
  • marie is made from machined aluminum with an alodine coating
  • marie is a gem situated in the french alps and a perfect getaway for those wanting to relieve the stress of city life and get closer to nature
  • marie is sweden's queen of pop
  • marie is a soyfoods specialist proficient in producing innovative consumer recipes and commercial formulas
  • marie is gorgeous and a sweetheart

I think only the last one MIGHT be true. (or not )
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I got this!

jane vernon is the daughter of samuel vernon son
jane vernon is an american who works as an english teacher in the german school system

Pity I live in Australia!
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Well I used my first name only and I will post a few of the more interesting things about Eva:

-eva is inside her cat
-eva is breathing
-eva is engaged in a love
-eva is also the performance measure in an incentive compensation system that is intended to more closely align the interests of team members with those of
-eva is a great size
-eva is of no use to us
-eva is the real thing

That was just a few! Some of them were not very nice so I left those out!
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It didn't know enough about me with my first and last name, so I did just my first and this is what it came up with:

keysha is a 7 year old spayed female
keysha is the only cow to accomplish this feat
keysha is looking forward to meeting and working with the faculty
keysha is nice
keysha is now six months old
keysha is the sixteen year old daughter of eddie and sharon alexander of fort worth
keysha is spending the summer taking computer
keysha is a 34 year old female showing signs of disorganized thought
keysha is a 17 year old senior at water valley high school
keysha is just all about herself
keysha is hot
keysha is the offspring of champion parents
keysha is getting to know and love the bikes

lol I didn't know about this site until now! I put in Maddens name, but they all had to do with football imagine that!

neat link!
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There are a lot of "me" out there! I actually used my last name, but I replaced it with asterisks here.

kelly ****** is not alone in her anger and frustration
kelly ****** is the president of liverpool hope students' union
kelly ****** is the director of professional services for enterprise management group
kelly ****** is a contemporary artist working in a vast mix of media; fabric
kelly ****** is just one of hundreds of asu west students being helped by the generosity of scholarship
kelly ****** is second in assists
kelly ****** is the top seed in the 200
kelly ****** is my pride and joy
kelly ****** is
kelly ****** is part of the vista rx team
kelly ****** is most inspired by the perspective she's gained from being part of the organization
kelly ****** is also involved with the program
kelly ****** is the team coach and sponsor
kelly ****** is gone from the middle
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
-eva is inside her cat
-eva is breathing
-eva is engaged in a love
-eva is also the performance measure in an incentive compensation system that is intended to more closely align the interests of team members with those of
-eva is a great size
-eva is of no use to us
-eva is the real thing
Eva, yours are hysterical!

You must be 'great size' to be 'inside your cat' and 'breathing', but I can certainly tell that in this state you are 'of no use to us'!! But you certainly are 'the real thing'!!
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I got like a ton!! Should i post them all?

wesley is a bad muthasucka in "blade 2"
wesley is a multi
wesley is located
wesley is an outstanding dutch guinea who is gentle and quiet
wesley is marching in the 100pt club tommorrow
wesley is the sexiest man on daytime
wesley is buffy's watcher
wesley is about the imputation of christ
wesley is back
wesley is worlds away from the foolish
wesley is a bad muthasucka in "blade 2" by esther iverem
wesley is a big hunk in a jumpsuit
wesley is the author of six tamara hayle mysteries and the novel ain't nobody's business if i do
wesley is known for its leadership in health care
wesley is buffy's watcher from graduation part 2
wesley is speechless
wesley is about the imputation of christ's righteousness to the believer
wesley is still working with angel and has recently been dating a famous la resident
wesley is proud to announce an exciting new feature added to forty of our top programming titles
wesley is involved in the church
wesley is a caring and supportive fellowship of christians
wesley is the busiest hospital in the region
wesley is an assisted living residence and skilled nursing center offering a continuum of care
wesley is going to be tested for entrance into the starfleet acadamy
wesley is proud to be the first publisher to add this technology to books for computer professionals
wesley is a pleasure to teach
wesley is
wesley is an expert in capoeira
wesley is or just making remarks about how cute he is
wesley is the 1
wesley is a rather new gloranthan writer
wesley is conducting a field test of the bioquest materials during the
wesley is very talkative and polite this morning
wesley is in a regular education class with a 1
wesley is located in the heart of wanchai
wesley is a unique individual
wesley is not normal because looking at the book and the words he is very different
wesley is 141empire's "official favorite musician
wesley is a telescope enthusiast
wesley is trying to do many things simultaneously with a small group of people
wesley is trying to adjust to a new life
wesley is concerned
wesley is doing great
wesley is anything like his small screen persona
wesley is the leading publisher of high
wesley is a world
wesley is the number one mathematics publisher for the higher education market and strives to develop innovative solutions
wesley is signed to the punk label alternative tentacles
wesley is a member of an ultra
wesley is a daily email service which was started in september 1997
wesley is a fully
wesley is working on the sixth addition to the tamara hayle mystery series
wesley is also an accomplished singer
wesley is available to all who dare to learn more about this magnificent singer/songwriter/guitarist
wesley is an open and inclusive community of faith that reaches out to the twin cities community through social service
wesley is proud of its outstanding choir and music program
wesley is british open champion a schoolboy from oake is the new junior under 11 british open champion in the rapidly growing sport of wake
wesley is wonderful
wesley is our newest addition to the family
wesley is currently playing small bar venues
wesley is a methodist campus minsitry serving the university of colorado
wesley is still at it
wesley is a united methodist campus ministry whose goal is to nurture christian disciples during the crucial college years by offering students
wesley is an outstanding student who has excelled at brophy college preparatory
wesley is blessed with a network of people to make it possible for the seminary to prepare the next generation of church leaders
wesley is well known throughout the unb community by his many leadership roles
wesley is a sensitive
wesley is completely focused on what he's doing
wesley is a dancing fool
wesley is trying to show off to angel his special demon killing device
wesley is a community which puts its energy into creating programs which are relevant
wesley is having a psychological problems
wesley is somewhat conservative in its rituals
wesley is sentenced to death for innocently violating a foreign planet's customs
wesley is a network and internet systems specialist and is currently an information and communications intern at sand point first nation in thunder bay
wesley is a member of the southend and leigh methodist circuit
wesley is a fictional character and you're a real live adult
wesley is looking for someone to be the birthday boy or birthday girl for the fellowship
wesley is 4th after day one
wesley is intrigued by the possibility that it might be a viking corpse
wesley is recognized as an innovator
wesley is in training
wesley is the author of the tamara hayle mystery series
wesley is one of those famous artists i didn't know was famous
wesley is about to get zapped by a collapsing instrumant panel
wesley is so keen to encourage new poets to take to the stand he leaves the mike turned on for an hour just in case someone changes their mind and decides
wesley is daar al in bijgeschreven
wesley is such an incredible performer is that he can get a feel for the crowd and he knows how to please
wesley is a lecturer in school of political science at the university of new south wales and a visiting fellow at the asia
wesley is smart
wesley is one of the new stars of "saban's big bad beetleborgs"
wesley is just a little too easy according to the laws of physics
wesley is around 10 years old but we know that he has many happy years ahead of him
wesley is currently executive editor or essence magazine
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beth c is housing all her star wars

beth c is still looking for ideas for the camel awards

The WHAT awards???
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I just used the word fran

and for some reason im anot able to paste..
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Ok - I used just "Karen" and here are soem of the highlights:

karen is in
karen is a massage therapist for horse and rider
karen is right
karen is miss february 2002
karen is from manchester
karen is the coolest
karen is healed
karen is out
karen is a singer/songwriter
karen is exposed in health and fitness magazine
karen is a veritable one woman band on this album
karen is a friend who is there for you always
karen is a member of lots of things
karen is that bad cop
karen is always interested in purchasing vintage barbie®doll
karen is shown with a large gather of molten glass on the end of her punty
karen is sitting in the wood bin beside her grandma and grandpa kawasaki's fireplace
karen is entering her second season on the racing circuit this year
karen is one of naples' most gifted floral designers
karen is a very tall girl
karen is for sale but you will get full ownership of http
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Googlism for: jacqueline

jacqueline is wonderful
jacqueline is documented in journals
jacqueline is also a rythem and blues singer
jacqueline is a pioneer in the world of fetish fantasy fulfillment
jacqueline is chairperson of the noumi arts black collections
jacqueline is also the founder of emerging literary voices
jacqueline is not working at this moment
jacqueline is also poet rythem and blues singer
jacqueline is a connecticut
jacqueline is serving up a much stronger cocktail than the
jacqueline is red hot and right on target
jacqueline is about as simple and wholesome as the egg
jacqueline is a frequent contributor to national business
jacqueline is a very
jacqueline is in talks to join the cast of quentin tarantino's next film
jacqueline is 5' 6 1/2'' tall
jacqueline is a level iii
jacqueline is an establish artist
jacqueline is so happy to have a buddy
jacqueline is the daughter of famous joe frazier
jacqueline is just putting the finishing touches to a much
jacqueline is joined by julia day
jacqueline is obstinately determined to remain in france to kill the man
jacqueline is frightened of him and tries to run away from him
jacqueline is verantwoordelijk voor het in overleg met de deelnemende scholen en vertegenwoordigers van de universiteit leiden bepalen van de koers voor het
jacqueline is hot hot hot
jacqueline is not here to write her own story
jacqueline is on leave from the school of humanities at the anu for the fellowship
jacqueline is also a poet documented with international library of poetry
jacqueline is a student at an east coast school that looks beautiful under snow
jacqueline is resourceful and knows how to get things done
jacqueline is an international world wide artist and poet
jacqueline is not unfamiliar with media
jacqueline is partial to the biscuits and gravy
jacqueline is a former religion editor for citizen newspapers group and has presented research on the african american
jacqueline is a feminine form of jacob and means 'supplanter'
jacqueline is gothictomb
jacqueline is a certified personal trainer
jacqueline is a musician
jacqueline is a top
jacqueline is an award winning writer and has contributed to numerous publications
jacqueline is taken to buenos aires
jacqueline is fiercely independent
jacqueline is also the native trustee with the kawartha pine ridge district school board
jacqueline is a wonderful student in every way
jacqueline is a highly popular and best
jacqueline is a professional life success coach whose skills have made a profound difference for her clients
jacqueline is empress 2
jacqueline is nothing short of expert at it
jacqueline is active with the girl scouts and the cancer fund
jacqueline is aware that "sex is always in the background
jacqueline is documented with brooklyn council of the arts
jacqueline is also fluent in spanish
jacqueline is known throughout the courthouse for her outstanding professionalism and readiness to pitch in
jacqueline is an award
jacqueline is a real parisienne
jacqueline is an intuitive consultant who lives in melbourne australia
jacqueline is great
jacqueline is featured artist of the month for november/december at the following two sites
jacqueline is hiding a terrible secret
jacqueline is the next evolutionary step in female action figures
jacqueline is completely taken
jacqueline is a visionary
jacqueline is an artist who paints in a very surreal style
jacqueline is korea specialist at the library of congress
jacqueline is going to the romance writers of the world convention
jacqueline is a multi
jacqueline is a scholar who writes about worldwide religious devotions
jacqueline is tweedejaars
jacqueline is an art historian
jacqueline is our class encourager
jacqueline is just the thing
jacqueline is extremely passionate about coaching and knows that all people can become extraordinary
jacqueline is a daughter & little sister
jacqueline is manager of brent cab
jacqueline is also the lawyer for the victims of the former dictator of chad
jacqueline is an active member of the alberta dairy association
jacqueline is a four
jacqueline is that she can teach a dancer to perform an authentic move such as a camel walk or hip drop
jacqueline is now working on a tv miniseries
jacqueline is all about souffles
jacqueline is reportedly operating in the falkland
jacqueline is merely a new
jacqueline is an active member of her church
jacqueline is a single mother
jacqueline is moeder van twee zoons
jacqueline is a metis writer who lives in a log cabin nestled in the pinewoods of the rocky mountain foothills of alberta
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
karen is from manchester
You kept that one quiet! You sould come to mine for a cup of tea now that your secret's out!!

Originally Posted by AbbysMom
karen is for sale but you will get full ownership of http
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HA HA!!! This is FUNNY! I couldn't put my last name in because it said it didn't know me, but here are my faves from the list it gave me for my first name....

Sue is human
Sue is jacketed for transport to the lab
Sue is a permanent feature at the field museum
Sue is proud of her new body and shows it off on national TV
Sue is serving up the Easter Bunny this year
Sue is for sale
Sue is remarkable because of her size
Sue is a very special dinosaur
Sue is the biggest thing to hit Union Station since the Titanic set sail
and finally....
Sue is sane
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heres what I got for Nicky:

nicky is art #1
nicky is art #2
nicky is een vlot kind van elf jaar
nicky is special
nicky is not one of them
nicky is back
nicky is no bad ass
nicky is now a grown up nurse
nicky is 5
nicky is my little pumpkin
nicky is art #1
nicky is art #2
nicky is een vlot kind van elf jaar
nicky is special
nicky is not one of them
nicky is back
nicky is no bad ass
nicky is now a grown up nurse
nicky is 5
nicky is my little pumpkin
nicky is another enjoyable adam sandler film packed with his trademark brand of humour that
nicky is a wonderful
nicky is art
nicky is pretty funny for a popeye's chicken commercial by buckeyek
nicky is so sweet by bbwlori
nicky is the mpa link member for haringey
nicky is sleeping on a radiator and measures 5 9/16 inches long with five articulation
nicky is a skeevy little fella with a perpetual hunch
nicky is more interested in taking part in the run
nicky is an executive in a family firm that trades in industrial diaomands
nicky is very sophisticated now
nicky is a libran
nicky is the prime example of a recent graduate of police training
nicky is framed at 1
nicky is the kind of motion picture that relies upon loud
nicky is the sort of film i would have loved when i was in high school
nicky is far
nicky is actually surprising
nicky is thrilled to escape the terrors surely in store for him if either of his brothers should reign
nicky is no exception
nicky is sleeping on a radiator and measures 5 9/16 inches long with five articulation points
nicky is the official idiot of crankyland
nicky is an executive in a family firm that trades in industrial diamonds
nicky is a saturday night live reunion
nicky is a much more suitable leader in the new sa than his father
nicky is the tale of the youngest of satan's three sons and his quest to return a bit of normalcy to hell after a rather major family ruckus
nicky is
nicky is sixteen years old and loves to play basketball
nicky is based off the adam sandler movie with the same title
nicky is a can't
nicky is a very sweet mixed breed
nicky is basically forced to go after them
nicky is timid and loves his dad
nicky is one of the largest registered potbellied pigs in the usa
nicky is a witch and is
nicky is in the biography
nicky is an intriguing comic character
nicky is a great addition to our ama pro racing project
nicky is too sweet
nicky is forced to come to his father's aid when his two much more evil and more ambitious older brothers
nicky is the only one who can save his father and hell
nicky is no stranger to the zurich premiership having played for sale sharks in
nicky is just too nice
nicky is soo
nicky is to be released to theaters this coming friday
nicky is a story of the simple
nicky is an adam sandler film
nicky is the worst adam sandler movie yet would be like comparing piles of **** and picking one as the stinkiest
nicky is no different
nicky is sitting in the chair while kool is sitting on the sofa
nicky is a movie pushed beyond its limits
nicky is a true rugby professional and has built up his physique
nicky is joined by murdo mcleod
nicky is one of
nicky is my sister's dog which is also a pomeranian
nicky is more interested in getting involved in helping his dads friend eddie wells in the
nicky is just altogether bad
nicky is peppered with well
nicky is an uninspired effort by adam sandler
nicky is different
nicky is one of the funniest movies i have seen and i feel it is well worth three dollars to rent it
nicky is wearing very catchy costumes and makeup
nicky is all about
nicky is the only one who can save him and hell
nicky is the president and founder of nicky van der westhuizen ministries
nicky is now 3 years old
nicky is but a meek gross
nicky is floating in front of valerie's apartment
nicky is the creator of the girls empowerment program for the ywca of boulder
nicky is terrible
nicky is survived by his children
nicky is definetly adam sandler's best movie since happy gilmore
nicky is online the now
nicky is from the same litter as tynee
nicky is a devilish comedy that puts a fresh twist on the celestial and dysfunctional classic conflict between fathers and sons
nicky is at least the better of the two devil comedies out this fall
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allie is the best ever

allie is one of god's most beautiful angels

allie is a recurring thought

allie is an uneven character throughout most of the book

allie is without a doubt the most wounded heroine i've ever seen

allie is a mass of nerves

allie is out to prove that a woman can rise to the top in the wrestling world based on her ring ability alone

allie is a cutie that is for sure

allie is a survivor of animal neglect

allie is the best tarot card reader i have ever experienced

allie is descendant of the rom gypsies of transylvania as well as a writer and motivator with a thriving practice in ohio

allie is convinced there is more than an "unfortunate accident" to blame

allie is tired of watching america go down the tubes

allie is made from luxe or satin and features a 2" heel

allie is quite the charmer and pete doesn't stand a chance against her
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It had nothin' for "Patty Ellis" but here's what I got with my full name:

Seems I'm doing very well and I have so many jobs, I think I'm gonna be a millionaire!!!!!

Googlism for: patricia ellis

patricia ellis is the southeast regional representative for the ohio bicentennial commission
patricia ellis is on a plane with postal inspector ricardo cortez coming into the small
patricia ellis is the family nurse practitioner in the office
patricia ellis is chair of the community college employment standards task force
patricia ellis is a native speaker and responsible for translations into the english language
patricia ellis is a course director in the production/quality management department at almc
patricia ellis is retiring from her position as budget and data monitor for
patricia ellis is a master teacher of american and black history for 30 years in the hamilton city schools
patricia ellis is co
patricia ellis is principal vetinary officer for horse industry programmes
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Here's a few of the more interesting ones:

linda is a jerk
linda is famous
linda is evil
linda is gone
linda is coordination language that relies on an asynchronous and associative communication mechanism based on a shared global space called tuples space
linda is passionate about the opportunity of the freedom of choice we are given
linda is going to play for the swedish king in sundsvall
linda is around me
linda is my mother's feral kat
linda is the “inland empire†half way between los angeles and palm springs
linda is not linda until she is on
linda is a gifted story

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Originally Posted by Chester&Piper

linda is going to play for the swedish king in sundsvall
I didn't know that!
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I used my board name

Hissy is a Serval on Noah's Ark!
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tania is a large old man
tania is pregnant
tania is relatively quiet although live music can be found at the ski lodge pub
tania is my brown mare
tania is still keeping very quiet about her reserve
tania is hysterical
tania is rarely thirsty

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