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cat wont quit using dog door

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I have an outside cat and she has learned to use the dog door and wants to be an inside cat now 3 of the 4 people living in the house are alergic to cats so if we cant stop her from coming in she will have to go we have tried tin foil in the door moth balls and orange peels in the door nothing seems to deter this cat we also checked with the pet store and all the chemical repelants they had repeled dogs and cats any ideas would be appriciated
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She is apparently trying to tell you something. She does not want to be outside. Is there anyway you can just keep her in your room, or one room in your house? Allerpet is a good way to knock down the dander. It is the dander that people are allergic to.
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Hi gbrett and welcome to TCS.

I agree with hissy, it is a real shame to force a cat that is happy to be an inside/outside cat to be outside only. She is most likely lonely and wants to be with you. Are you in the Northern Hemisphere? Perhaps she is really cold. I am asthmatic and allergic to cats but I'm happy to take my meds and have cats. Perhaps get together with the allergic people and see if they would be willing to compromise.

I really do hope you find a solution.
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I have the same problem, but opposite. I cannot use my dog door because Spirit and Trouble want to go outside with the fox's, stray cat's (some of which are carrying FIV), and busy road I live near. So if anyone does know of a way to keep cats from using the dog door I would love to hear it.
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there are dog and cat doors on the market that the animal that is allowed to use them wears a special attachment to its collar. This attachment allows the door to only open for this animals and when the flap closes only the animal with the special collar attachment can open it again. they sell these type doors at both Lowes and Petsmart and Petco. You can also order them online.
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Electronic collars & door in a nutshell. OTH, if she wants in, perhaps you
can create an enclosure for her so she can be in? Like a covered/screened porch? And do work with the allergies - unless they are very severe, you should be able to have one "room" for her - that the allergic folks stay out of.

with a bath/wipe down once or 2 a wk and regular grooming, she shouldn't
create too many problems.

Since I love my cats - I'd do anything to keep, up to and incluing allergy
shots and medications for me.

But if you can't - then PLEASE find a GOOD indoor home for her.
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I know this isn't funny but I had to laugh when I read the title of this post! See, my neighbours have three dogs that won't stop using their cat door!!

Hope you find a solution to your problem soon.
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