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In Tears

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It is with saddest words that I tell the saddest thing a cat-lover of my age could face, my mom was driving me home from my first night in college and we hit a beautiful gold and white cat. It wasn't any of our precious darlings, but it feels just like hitting one of our 5 precious ones. She couldn't swerve out of way in time it just ran out infront of our blazer before she could react, we were hoping it was a squirl or something, but we went back and it was a beautiful gold and white cat, and as we came back a black and white cat who looked much like our daisy ran out and then saw the other cat was dead and ran off. It was a feral cat that lives on our street.

Rest in peace beautiful cat, know that where you over the beautiful rainbow bridge no cars can hurt you ever again, know that there will always be enough food for you, know that you may never have had a home your passing impacted me like you were one of my own. Know that we really didn't mean to hit you but there was no way to avoid you. Please don't be mad at us, and I hope to see you when its my time to cross.
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What a terrible thing to happen. I am so sorry for the grief that you are feeling.

RIP Sweet Baby
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Awww. I would feel rotten too if I hit one.
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I feel so badly for you. Many years ago, I was in one of the inside lanes of a 4-lane trafficway downtown, and a white cat ran out among the traffic. As I felt a bump, I knew one of my wheels had hit it. It happened so fast, there was no time (or space) to swerve, and getting over to stop would have been dangerous, and quite a ways down the road. I only hope the rainbow bridge came quickly for this poor kitty. Through my immediate tears, I thought of my two babies at home and about smothered both of them with hugs, kisses and tears when I got home.

I felt so bad that I couldn't stop to see if there was any life left (the conditions were not positive for that), or any identification. I hoped it was a feral cat instead of somebody's baby that just got out and lost (that thought REALLY hurt.) Thinking about it made me feel ill for weeks, and it still hurts to remember, as I write this.

So, I know exactly how and your mom feel. It was an accident you couldn't avoid, but it still hurts. Sorry you had to go through this.
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When I got home last night I cried for a half an hour straight, and cuddled with my pure white cat Wesley and any of the others who would come and cuddle with me for support. At least it seemed that the cat met the rainbow bridge quickly and didn't suffer. I'm just sad it had to be my mom who had to end its life, but maybe it was the cats time to go, but you never know. I also had the chills for a long time last night until almost a half-hour before I went to bed
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You've given that poor cat a fitting tribute by posting here. It isn't easy, and I understand your pain, having been there myself.
Be easy on yourself. Accidents like this are terrible, but they are accidents.
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most certainly be easy with yourself

thankyou for posting this tribute to this beautiful cat

RIP little one
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you couldn't help it, but I know it hurts you.
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That is one of the worst things that can happen to an animal lover..I know you feel terrible but there was nothing that you could have done. Hugs to you that you feel better soon.

RIP poor kitty
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