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the ideal cat  

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Does anybody know a particular breed that fits or best fits this description? Do not put down breeds that do not fit the one with an "*" after it. Medium size or smaller*, medium or shorter length of fur, doesn't need large space, loves people, affectionate, cuddly, not too stand offish, clean, relatively easy to train, loves to be held and touched, quiet*, not too active, doesn't jump or climb*, can be left alone for some time but is happy and welcomes you when you come home from work*, not too independent, not too dependent, doesn't get easily bored, doesn't get mischievous*.
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Moggie....sorry, I had to! Comes in any size, shape, color, gender....
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That animal doesn't exist...
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Honestly, I think you're going to be hard pressed to find a cat that doesn't like to jump, and what is mischeivous to us can be a cat's normal curiosity. But good luck in your search, I hope you find a little kitty that fits your needs. It might be in your best interest to start talking to rescue groups/foster parents to try and find a cat whose personality fits what you're looking for, as I think your traits are more likely to be found on a cat by cat basis than a breed.
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Yup, definitely sounds to me like you're looking for a shelter cat. Hop on your banana seat and head down to your local shelter to meet this cat today! He or she is there waiting for you!

ADDED BONUS: you'll be saving a life!!

Of course, I wouldn't want that cat to end up back at the shelter, so you might want to reconsider characteristics that are inherent to cat-dom like jumping and climbing, unless of course you're willing to take in a senior or special needs cat. Other than the things that all (yes, all of them!) do- which you absolutely NEED to accept if you want a cat-, I really think a shelter cat is right for you
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Whoops, didn't see the jump/climb part....
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Are you sure you're looking for a cat?
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Honestly, it sounds like you would be better off with a dog. Not a puppy, a dog. You can't train cats (at least not easily) Even the breeds said to not jump on objects, such as munchkins, still jump. You can't stop a cat from getting into mischief if you aren't around, because they are by nature inquisitive. Sounds to me like you are being to rigid with what you want, and if someone recommends a cat and you get one, and it doesn't "fit" your criteria- what then?
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The ideal cat is the one who chooses YOU!
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Yes, we're looking for a cat, sunnicat. I'd like to make my early post more clearer... I don't think I was being too "rigid" and I think there is such an "animal". I've read a lot about different kinds of cat breeds and the different kinds of personalities. The personality traits that I mentioned above are all from different kinds of breeds that I was reading about, not things that I just came up with myself in a minute. I don't think they're unreasonable.
I know all cats are curious and like to explore and play with things... some of you may call it "mischievous" when I call it "healthy". When I said I didn't want a cat that was mischievous, I meant that I didn't want a cat that gets REALLY mischievous when he/she gets bored. For example, the Tonkinese, gets really mischievous when he/she is left alone and is bored. So I wouldn't consider that breed for us. I know a lot of cats jump and climb...I know that's their nature...but I did read about a particular breed that likes to have his/her feet firmly planted and is not given to high jumping and climbing, which is the Persian. The reason why we don't prefer a cat that likes to jump is because we have a lot of breakables and plants (not poisonous ones) on a lot of surfaces. I wouldn't mind if he/she jumps on the bed, desk or kitchen counter, just as long as it's safe for him/her. And I know all cats are generally difficult to train but I read where one particular breed has a good memory and is relatively easier to train than other cats though I can't remember the name. I'll post it if I can find the article again.
I know that a dog is not right for us. We used to have a dog and I know what it's like to care for them. A dog wouldn't be right for us because he/she has to be left alone in the house for hours. Dogs need constant care and attention, someone, like a housewife to be with them all day. Cats are a little more independent than dogs are. For example, I read about Russian Blues and Birmans, and learned that "they can entertain themselves while you are gone and welcome you with their smiley face when you return" (from about.com). Also dogs tend to bark a lot. We've had neighbors from every direction complaining to us. Cats are also little cleaner than dogs are.
If someone recommends a cat and we get one, and he/she doesn't fit our criteria, then... I would move all the breakables and the plants to a much higher place. I would NEVER replace him/her or give him/her away, especially if I got him/her from a shelter. It's not like buying a purse where you can return it because you didn't like the color... I wouldn't get a cat just because one person recommended it. I would spend some time researching that breed before getting the cat.

I think I'm leaning towards Persians because not only do they have a beautiful coat and big beautiful eyes, they're pretty quiet, loving, cuddly, not too jumpy, they're capable of putting up with our busy schedules, and they're playful but never demanding.
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I don't know much about the personalitys of different breeds but when Sleeves was a kitten he was mad, always into mischief but now we've got him a playmate and had him neutered he's the most chilled out and loving cat I've ever met. I don't even know what breed he is? Ginger moggy?
I think it will totally depend on the individual cat though.
Good luck in your search, I agree with the shelter idea!
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Persians are rather long haired though, are`nt they? (I thought you said you wanted a med-short haired cat) I don`t know a lot about a lot of the personality of the different breeds...but I have known 2 people with Rag doll cats (one was a Siamese and the other a tabby looking cat) Both were very docile...loved to lay around and be petted. Neither seems very excitable when something unusual was going on. If I understand it right, a Rag doll cat will always have blue eyes (not sure if that`s true or not, but both of these did)...and not sure if other breeds can have blue eyes too or not...I`ve never had one with blue eyes except for when they were kittens.
I hope you find the cat that you are looking for.
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I don't know why jbdforever, but your longer post really irritated me. Cats come in all different sizes and shapes, and the ones that need the rescue from homes tend to be the ones that aren't purebreeds. Your list is slightly ridiculous. Its like putting a list together for a baby and expecting them to turn out that way. Cats have personalities that we can't predict. If you areplanning on having the cat and keeping it indoors thenI will guarantee that it will jump on all your surfaces. My cat Theo is staying in as a house cat for a little while as the area we live is too dangerous for him to go out. Yesterday he jumped on top of the bookcase and broke two glass candlesticks. But you know what.. he's bored and is trying to amuse himself. You clean it up and chuck the stuff out and pack the valuables away. Thats the price you pay for their little life to be in your hands. And have you considered that the purebreed may have more problems and need more vet attention than a moggy? What i am saying to you is that you either want a cat and are prepared to accept that cats personality as it is or just don't bother. as Audrey Hepburn said in Breakfast at Tiffany's 'I don't belong to Cat and Cat doesn't belong to me'. They are independant and they will always be the leader, no matter what you do to try and change that. However, they also get accustomed to the company and if you or your partner aren't at home very much maybe you should consider not getting a pet or having fish instead. My cat comes before practically everything. I took on the responsibility of his life almost like I would with a child. His needs are primary and i ensure that he is the focus. They like and quickly settle to routine, and without routine they are skittish.

And i am also a little pertubed as to where the dog went after you said that it was messy etc and the neighbours were complaining.

I'm sorry that my post is harsh, but you can't just write out a list of things that you want. They are as individual as you and me.
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well you definitely want MY cat. except she jumps but I handle that by putting perches on window sills and getting her a cat tree and a cat table. I also clip her claws so they are blunt and she won't shred things when she jumps and plays on them. She uses only scratching surfaces ( horizontal and vertical) that are each room she frequents and she hasn't broken or knocked over anything in her exploring- which is natural to ALL cats. Of course I have put intense care and attention to redirecting her, keeping her mentally and socially occupied and the bond between us is quite intense. So while she certainly had all these tendencies to be the perfect cat for me, the attention and care has teased it out of her.

I have to agree with Hissy, that a cat might not really the pet you are looking for because you have to view her/him as a distinct being with a personality and foibles. And there is no promise because it is a certain breed that it will fit the global description of that breed.

By the way my cat is a little mixture saved from a shelter who came with tape worms, fleas, ear mites, and a whopper of a herpes eye infection. After all her medical treatments she is the most perfect kitty for you and I am keeping her
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I think it is a bit selfish to expect an animal not to have special traits. You aren't going to find a human or animal soul that doesn't have a bad side. Having a cat requires lots of patience and understanding. You should perhaps consider getting a different pet because kitties are FULL of personality!

Originally Posted by shambelle
The ideal cat is the one who chooses YOU!
I agree! Seth-chan chose us when we were at the shelter! She rubbed against the cage and purred. We adopted her, not knowing anything about her past. She has a lot of things that aren't so great about her. She has "fearful aggression" issues occasionally and bites the crap out of us, and sometimes gets skittish without any warning. We've had her for about 3 months now, and she's becoming my little furbaby. She has taught me so much patience and made me a much happier person.
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all cats are different. you may pick a breed because of a common personality trait but you may get one who doesnt fit that mold. IMO there is NO prefect breed who always acts a certain way and doesnt require a lot of traing to "fix" "Bad" behavior or undesirable behavior. perhaps you should check shelters and adopt and older baby who is more mellow.
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
Persians are rather long haired though, are`nt they? (I thought you said you wanted a med-short haired cat) I hope you find the cat that you are looking for.Linda
you might want to consider an exotic - persian temperament, shorter coat.
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Some people want an animal companion....and some people want a stuffed animal that happens to breathe. I hope you are flexible on that list, because most likely you won't find a cat who has all of those traits, purebred or moggy. Most of that list just isn't inherent to felines, and even if you find a breed whose personalities generally conform to your list, there are always exceptions to breed profiles.

Cats are individuals, and they are nothing like dogs. You can train a dog, but the best you can do is convince a cat that doing what you want is really what they wanted in the first place. Cat breeds are also very different from dog breeds. You may (or may not) get the look you want in a cat breed, but the personalities are harder to pin down.

Also, from your posts, you definitely do not want a kitten of any breed. They won't conform to any part of your list, period.
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Persian cats can be high maintenence because you need to groom them daily. The more mischief my cats get in the funnier I think it is!! Thats I love cats. Mine just are not mischievious enough! I have a little orange moggie we rescued last fall and he is stealing things and putting them in his little hiding spots.........

I have 3 purebreds and 4 moggies, and love them all! I will say my most mellow, lovable cat, who was my utimate love was a big black tabby! He died last year, and I will never find another Bubba again! he was my soul kitty.. He was a pure Moggie!!!!!
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and some other thoughts:

long hair cats need daily grooming,,, will that fit into your schedule?
plus I think its a little unfair to adopt a pet and expect it to be picked up and dropped when you are ready. It's like having a baby and letting someone else raise it and you play with it occasionally when it's clean and calm.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt regarding your desire for a pet but it sounds a little self absorbed to me. I mean cats get sick, like people and may need you around. Will your life permit that?
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The only cats I can think of that may fit your "description" are american sh or british sh. Or look for an older (several years old) shelter cat - many are laid back neutered males that would fit your description.

But as far as I know there are NO cats that won't jump or climb At least none that have all 4 legs/feet
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Not every kitten will be true to breed characteristics and will tend to have its own individual temperament.

Are you sure you wouldn't be happier with a stuffed animal? I seriously doubt if you will ever find the perfect combination you are trying for.

I will say, however, that no matter what kitty you get, you will probably fall in love with it and won't care if it's not perfect.
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I dont see anything wrong trying to find a cat breed that would best fit your lifestyle. I recommend the Exotic. I own a Persian and I love his laid back personality. But I would not recommend a Persian to you because of the long thick fur that mats, but the exotic is the shorthair persian. My Persian very rarely jumps up on the table or counter.
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I don't know kity I am looking at your signature and it looks like one cat is on a dining room table and the other on another table.

I have had hundreds of cats in my lifetime. All kinds, all shapes, all colors, even breed specific. I believe that because they are so independent and lovable (for the most part) is why I enjoy having them around. I don't expect mine to adhere to certain rules of catdom. They are who they are and I celebrate their uniqueness every day. I am going to miss my latest rescues when they leave. But I know, that the next batch will be here one day and they too will bring with them a special sort of characteristic that will fit well in this house.
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I always get a little worried when people have too many expectations of their cat, dog, or any pet. I can understand being partial to a certain color or breed, but if someone has too many expectations about their cat's looks, behavior and personality, I'm concerned that it will only lead to disappointment or even resentment toward the pet, through no fault of its own. Years ago when I went looking for my first cat, I was expecting to adopt a beautiful calico or uniquely marked tabby. I expected the kitten to immediately fall in love with me, sit on my lap, behave perfectly and cheerfully greet friends and family who visited. Instead, I ended up with a tiny, solid black creature, who hid from me when I was home and destroyed my house while I was at work. That was almost 13 years ago and Katie is still with me. She taught me not to have expectations of my cats, to accept and love them as they are and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Great post Eileen!
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The only way to train a cat is like someone else mentioned: make them think it's their idea or my favorite method: love. I have perfectly trained mine to jump on my lap when I pat it because they know what's comin': luvin's!!! As far as jumping on things, I have two dogs, and three cats so I'm outnumbered ... basically I pay the bills so they can live here. It's their house - not mine. So if my cats want on the counters - have at it!! But my mom is a little different from me. She doesn't like the cats on kitchen counters, etc. So she tried double edged tape. Cats don't like sticky feet. So using the double edged tape for a while will do it!!
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Okay. What ever you do, please do yourself a favor and SKIP the kitten?
Kittens are way to energetic and troublesome for what you are looking for.

My advice? Get your self a RETIRED showcat. Definitely good bet. Generally very affectionate, like handling and can handle people.

I'd recommend the Manx cat breed. (I'm partial now!) - "the dog lover's cat" ie, Manx are alot like dogs. Some fetch, they come when called (mostly) are medium active/energetic. Only bad point with Manx is they DO like to be up high - get a cat tree for them and they'll probably be quite happy!!
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Sorry for the hijack, but I've never heard the term "moggy" I guess from the posts here that a "moggy" is a mutt-cat? A non-purebreed? What's an "exotic"?
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Originally Posted by PurrPaws
Sorry for the hijack, but I've never heard the term "moggy" I guess from the posts here that a "moggy" is a mutt-cat? A non-purebreed? What's an "exotic"?
You are correct, a moggy is a mixed breed. It started out as more of a British term, but with the internet a lot of cat lovers of other nationalities as well have picked it up.

An Exotic is basically a short-haired Persian: CFA Breed Profile
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