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Does your landlord know....

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how many animals you have? I just told my landlord about having Pedro. I've had him probably like 5 months now or so, and I always hid him when she came to pick up the rent. But she allowed me one more cat since she increased my rent (she thinks I have 4 now) so I wrote her a letter asking if I could have him instead of another cat and she said yes. She's a great landlord, never comes over and lives pretty far away, and she lets me have the animals. I doubt if she knew about all my animals, she'd care anyway. She knows I take good care of them and have been an ideal tenant. How many of you have "hidden" babies?
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Me Me!!

I have two hidden kitties and 2 hidden ratties!
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We aren't allowed to have any pets here
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We did that, accidentally (kinda), when we first got them. Ophelia was a rescue kitten who was trapped between the walls of the apartments, but then we thought she got out and found her mama-cat so we brought Trent home. The apartment complex only allowed 1 cat, and suddenly we had two kittens. They didn't listen well to the "stay out of the window" rule. Someone complained because they "had to get rid of their other cat when they moved in" so they wanted us to get rid of one too. We moved.
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Well, the realtor who leased us our last place said it was a don't ask don't tell kind of rule. They mentioned something on the lease about an extra security deposit which we never did anything about, when we got Zakk, and the same with Rocky. The maintance people knew about them and never said anything.
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My hamster is semi 'hidden' - our landlord doesn't like any kind of rodents, but she has been here and seen the cage and not said anything (except that she would kill me if he ever got loose and ended up in her place).
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At our old apartment we never mentioned ANY cats. They had a 2 cat limit and with Luna being a smaller cat we figured she was more like a guinea pig or something (uncaged). So we never paid the extra $$$ for our 3 cats.

The thing that got me is the people that had DOGS in the complex, despite the complex being a cat-only place. Cats you can easily hide from nosy neighbors. Dogs, you can't.
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My landlords have always known that I've had a cat, and when we added two, we asked permission first. Our cats are in our lease.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom
The thing that got me is the people that had DOGS in the complex, despite the complex being a cat-only place. Cats you can easily hide from nosy neighbors. Dogs, you can't.
Yeah, I knew I'd have to tell her eventually about Pedro. He's not exactly shy when it comes to letting people know he's there!!
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since we are moving into a rental i guess i can answer-- My landlord lives in California and already told me that he wont see us unless another hurricane comes thru ( we are moving to Houston, TX) He knows about all our animals-- 3 dogs, & 2 cats-- we had to pay a $30.00 (yes thirty dollars) pet deposit but thats it. I was thouroughly pleased. He says as long as we fix anything that the animals damage or break we are cool
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My mom found Rotten when she was 2 weeks old and I had to bottle feed her. Of course I fell head over heels in love with her, unfortunately our apartment complex had a VERY strict no pets policy so I would sneak her back and forth to work with me everyday for like 2 months. My bosses boss found out and told me that I couldn't do it anymore and because I didn't want to get into trouble at work or home I decided to move! Glad I'm not the only "weirdo" that moved due to pets!!
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My cats are actually in my lease! In fact, Ashely (my landlord) sent me a card when Lola died and then asked to meet Gracie!
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Shhhhhhh....all of my indoor cats are "hidden". She knows about the dog, but I think she believes the dog is outside more often than in. Whoops.
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Yes, our landlords know. They are committed animal lovers so when we asked if we could have two dogs as well as the cats they were fine with it. They had two dogs there before us anyway (our landlords are the owners of our property). They also live in Sydney so we've only seen them once since we moved in six months ago.

When I lived by myself I had to pack up the cats and drop them at Mum's once every three months for my rent inspection - they didn't know about them at all!! I used to have to compile a `list of things to remember' to pack away as my house looked like a cat habitat. I never forgot, though, and they never knew!
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When I lived in an apartment, he knew I had Limerick. Heck he saw him looking out the window all day.
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I don't have any, but my friend does! She's a pretty irresponsible person...she started out with a cute little orange kitty who grew up and escaped from her apartment (to go find a male) then she came back home, but to my friend's suprise - pregnant....then she had 5 kittens...who my 'friend' kept (now she has 6 total)....and believe it or not, the orange mama kitty escaped AGAIN - got pregnant AGAIN, and is due to have more kittens very very soon. Not a good situation for a 1 bedroom apartment.
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Our landlord, in fact most landlords in Korea, do not care if you have pets as long as you pay for any damage they accrue. I have to replace the curtains because when they were young they thought it was fun to climb them. But they know we have all four and do not really care.
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our landlord is my grandmother.. she doens't want the cats in here, nor the dog.. but thats too bad.

I do ahve to hide and not tell her about the foster kittens.. I had 16 at one point and she thought I only had 3.
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Ours know we have one. That way we figure we can say we at least are paying for one lol. I had to pay $100 deposit that I don't get back and $15 a month. Imagine if they knew I had 3 = $45 a month, what a rip-off :-P
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My Landlord is my mother... She supposedly didnt want any of my animals but she is mom to one and grandma to two and she dont know but a third grand"kid" is coming... she did say no more fish tank s...I will try to abide by that since she dislikes fish
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Yes he does, he was fine when we signed our lease but is being a jerk about it now. So we are looking for a new place.

We are being completely honest and on the level about having 39 cats. It is making it very hard to find a new place, but I absolutely refuse to get into a situation where we could get evicted or have to surrender cats to a shelter.
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Yup, because when we first moved in they were around every five minutes. Can't wait to get out of the place!!!!
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I had great difficulty here at first finding a landlord who would allow even one (Bosnians rarely have pet cats) - but my present one was so pleased when I said I would feed his outdoor cat that he said it was OK. He then agreed to two and even three, and will come over to feed them if I am away. He was not happy about the two boys though, and still, 4 months later, asks me if I have found a home for them yet! I just stall him, and I shall be leaving soon for our French paradise so there will be no problem. He knows he couldn't get anything like the same rent if I moved, anyway.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
We aren't allowed to have any pets here
well ya know you can always send that beautiful boy this way lol thats why i own a house.... val says she would take him too lol
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
We aren't allowed to have any pets here
....that the only "pet" you can have then is that "Play toy cat" of yours. I must admit that he surely is realistic looking!
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We only had Ace when we moved in. They knew about him. Then we got more cats, and they know we have more cats. But I don't think they know the exact number. Doesn't really matter as we fully intend to pay the $$$ to replace the carpet when we move out anyway. (See my carpet explanation in the declawing/apartment thread.)
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Dori was a "hidden" kitty at our apartment for 2 and 1/2 years The only thing is, she wasn't very hidden. The maintenance guys loved her. They were the only ones who ever came inside the apartment for anything. I tried to keep her hidden but she jumped on the guys shoulders while he was fixing the ac. I figure it was a large complex and the guys are out working on several apartments. I doubted they would go to the leasing office to check to see if we had reported we had a cat.
Now we are in our own house so it isn't a concern anymore, thank goodness because now we have the dog!
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At my previous apartment, when I moved in, I told the landlords that I had a rabbit and a few "small rodents". The woman was pretty grossed out by the idea of "small rodents"... good thing I didn't tell her that they were rats.
I also neglected to tell her that the rabbit was a free-range rabbit... not caged.

When I decided to get a cat, I asked them first and they said ok. Then I didn't ask when I got a second cat (one... two.... what's the difference??)

When I applied for my current apartment, I didn't have the rabbit anymore but I had the 2 cats and 1 rat left. I told him about the cats but not about the rat. In fact, my lease says "no pets with the exception of 2 cats". Oops!

Luckily, the landlord never comes over (unless I have a problem... then he would send the maintenance guy)

Rats are always a touchy subject with landlords. I know some people get around that by calling them "Norwegian long-tailed hamsters" or gerbils . For some reason the word "rat" really scares people
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Cats are okay'd in our lease - but I'm not sure if they know we have Harley? If we do decide to get another kitten I will for sure ask them, I'm not sure what the cat limit is in our complex? I know many people in our place have 1 cat.
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LOL Marie...have you ever seen the "Fawlty Towers" episode where the health inspector is coming to the hotel and Basil finds out that Manuel has a pet rat? Manuel says, "No, is Siberian Hamster!"

Basil's reply: "Have you ever heard of the Bubonic Plague? It was very popular around here at one time." I love that show...
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