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cat hugs!

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Do any of your cats hug?

I'm watching a friend's cat, and when I went to see her (the cat, that is) today, she started pawing at my legs like crazy. I was reluctant since I've never picked her up before, but she's a lapcat and loves me, so I picked her up. She wrapped her arms and paws around my neck and hugged me! I was so shocked I think I just stood there with my mouth open staring at Kismet. I've never had that happen before, and it was the cutest thing any cat has ever done to me. My friend says that she does this often and that she is one of the loviest kitties she has ever known (and she's known LOTS of cats).

I'm curious about other huggy kitties!
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My baby Portia has started hugging me!

She puts her arms around my neck when I pick her up! Its so very cute!
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I have several that hug us daily. They are not lap cats, nor do they as a rule like to be picked up, but they need hugs daily and will even climb our legs or jump on our backs and walk around to our chest to get a hug.
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That is sooooo sweet. Chasey doesn't hug me, but a past kitty of my sister's would hug my sister if picked up right. She didn't really like to be picked up either.
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My kitties never do that

But Ruby puts her big paws around my neck and licks my forehead. Now THERE'S a warm fuzzy if you ever wanted one!!
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Charcoal does that a lot.
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Max is the only one out of the 6 that does it but it's such a lovely feeling.
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My male kitty hugs me. He stands at my feet and meows and when I pick him up he hugs me and tucks his head under my chin. Its soooo nice!
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Lucky is my hugger. She'll jump up on the bed when you are standing next to it, or on the step stool and put her paws on your chest until you pick her up. The she puts her paws on either side of your neck and lays her head down on your shoulder! Love my lucky hugs!
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Veeshan hugs me but wont hug anyone else. She also likes to push her nose into my neck.
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Everyday when I get home from work, Harley meets me at the door with kisses and kitty hugs too! I think its so cute! Even after the worst day, a Harley hug puts a smile right back on my face!
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I have one. She actually demands to be picked up. And while she's hugging me with her paws, she also licks my face. It's very sweet.
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Bailey is a huggy cat. She is not a lap cat, and if I try to put her on my lap, she either runs away, or tries to climb up to my shoulder. But if I pick her up, she hugs me around the neck, and tucks her head under my chin. And purrs, very loudly.

When I found her at PetsMart, they took her out of her cage and handed her to me, she hugged me so tight they had trouble taking her back. She cried when they tried to pry her paws from around my neck. That's how I knew she was my cat. She does this with everybody, it's not just me. And I love it.
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Aww! It must have been love at first sight for Bailey. Did it break your heart to have them pry her away?
Pepper is my huggy girl. She wraps her oversized paws around my neck, and tucks her head under my chin. I love it!
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My precious little girls give me such sweet hugs, as well!
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