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Scabs On His Neck

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My Cat Constantly Has Scabs On The Back Of His Neck......Once They Go Away The Come Back ...DOes Anyone Know Why They Keep Coming Back Or Is HE Just Scratching Himself That Hard??
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How old is he? It could be a number of things...fleas, food allergy, allergic to plastic bowls, if he has them? I recommend having him combed for fleas and switch his bowls to ceramic or stainless steel and go from there. He should be fed a higher quality food without much corn, but I know others here are better at telling you that part...
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I agree with Menagerie Mama in terms of the variety of problems that may be causing the scabs. I would also recommend you take your kitty to your vet so he/she can try and pinpoint the actual cause and provide the appropriate solution. Until then, I would clip his back nails (if you're comfortable with that) in order to reduce the damage he creates to his neck.
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he is 1 years old ......yea his bowls are plastic....and fleas he had them in the summer and once i found out he had them i combed his fur and bought that medicine from the vet "frontline" i think thats what its called its like 15 dollars for 1 drop?.....

his claws are really sharp and he does scratch himself pretty hard when he itches himself....

and his food that i give him is friskies brand?.......is that a bad brand?
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I would switch his food to a better quality. There are threads in the health and nutrition area that cover what we all recommend, although I don't know how to link you there...I would ask your Vet for Advantage for the fleas. If your cat doesn't go outside he really doesn't need the extra chemicals to kill ticks that Frontline has in it, and Advantage is cheaper. Try switching his bowls too....Let us know how you do!
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