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my cat has worms and i'm wondering what to do? she got dewormed a couple of years ago, how do cats get worms and how do you treat it by pill or go to vet to get needle? we got a new kitten a while ago could this be a cause?
please help me.
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First, what kind of worms are they?
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Kittens often have worms that they get from their mothers and usually need to be dewormed. This should only be done by a vet as it is important for the dosage to be correct for age and weight. Also you may not know what type of worms you are dealing with and may not get the right treatment.

Over-the-counter products often don't work very well and can sometimes do harm to your kitty.

Your other cat may also need to be dewormed and again by a vet.

You need to take a fecal sample from each cat (as fresh as possible and it may involve separating them in order to ensure you have the correct sample for each cat) and take these to the vet for analysis so they can find out what type of worms they need to treat.

Just a side note, we usually take our cats to the vet together since when one cat comes home from the vet they will smell different and the cat left at home may not recognize their smell and may cause some upset between the two of them.

So, to sum up, please get samples from each cat, mark them and get them to the vet as fresh as possible. If you do that, you may not even have to take the cats in if you can provide the vet with the weight and age of each cat. In fact, perhaps you could call your vet and get their advice on how they want to handle the worm situation.
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thanks for the input they are tape worms and i called my vet and they said they will just give me pills.
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I agree with Yosemite,

You should take both cats to the vet and have them treated.

When I found out that Wesley had worms, I treated both of them just in case. Those things are transferable from one cat to another.
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Tapeworms come from fleas. They probably won't catch from eachother directly, they get them from the fleas. Or eating prey (mice etc) that have fleas...

Make sure your cat(s) get treated with
a good anti flea med from the vet. Frontline or Revolution are top picks.

Second, make sure you treat your home, esp. carpet base boards
where the suckers love to live/breed...

Third, get the vet to give you Drontal - this will be in the form of
1 or 2 yellow pills, each cat has to have 2 doses, 3 wks apart.

Et voila - no more fleas, and no more tapeworm!!
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