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are these normal cat noises?

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Abi is about 4.5 months and since i got her she has these extra bird like sounds under her purr. one is a little chirp like a bird, she uses this when settling into my lap and a few weeks ago I started to also hear a coo sound like doves make. both are made only when she is with me and snuggling in close.

Generally she is a very quiet cat and only "talks" when she cant find me and wants to me to answer. But her purr is a like a locomotive and very endearing.
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My cat Cubby makes little chirping noises too...
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My Callie chirps occasionally. Hannah pretty much cooes all the time. I think she wants us to know where she is!

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Sophie coos and chirps. I think it's adorable!
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Ginger makes chirping noises. Tiger makes little funny noises like that too. I think it's cute!
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My abbys make the most sweet trill........Some of my other cats chirp, and some are not talkers at all....only when its chow time..
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Phenom does a trill growl like thing when she is running across the room getting ready to jump on my lap. i wish you guys could hear it! its way to funny!
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Pixel does a sound that sounds like a purr mixed with a meow - i call it a purrow. she only makes it to me when we're snuggling
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Snickers does "trilling", not normal meowing. I have never heard a normal 'meow' come from him. He's part Maine Coon, and from what I gather, Maine Coons have a specific trilling noise that sounds a lot like the dove sound you are talking about.
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Harley makes all kinds of noises like that, I think its so sweet!
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Polly makes little chirping sounds all the time. She's very talkative; she's almost constantly meowing or chirping. Even just walking down the hall, she'll chirp. I wish I knew what it meant!
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