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Remembering Sonny

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It is with a very heavy and sad heart that I must announce that Sonny will be put to sleep today after a 6 month battle with Amenia. Sonny was 3 yrs. old.

When we decided we wanted a Ragdoll, our hearts were set on a female kitten and that was our intention all along. When we were at the breeders, we picked out our kitten and then we saw 10 mo. old Sonny. I knew right then I wanted him. He was very majestic and his posture was perfect. He was a little shy at first but then after a little while he totally opened up to us.

He grew up to be a very beautiful boy. It is amazing how many people Sonny's short life touched. Everyone that met him loved him. They would say things like "I have never seen a cat like that before " and "He is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen." He would go up to everyone. He was not afraid of anything.

Even through his illness it seemed that he was a fighter. He would still find energy to jump up on my lap when using the computer. (One of his favorite times to sit on my lap). We used to kid about that alot because it didn't take long for him to figure out I was on the computer. When he would jump up he would meow so softly. I told my wife that he wanted to goto I will never forget the middle of the night awakenings as Sonny would headbutt to get some attention until you woke up and petted him. Then he would just settle in beside up in bed.

I feel comfortable knowing that we did all we can to save him but unfortunately it wasn't in the big plan for him. Some people think that spending the money that we did to try to save him was crazy but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't. To me, he is worth a million dollars.

I've posted a picture here although not the greatest quality so everyone could say goodbye to him. I hope the moderator forgives me.

Our 3 other Ragdolls are doing fine although I know Ramona is going to miss him deeply. Thanks again for your continued support and all the great information I have received by belonging to such a wonderful group. Sonny will be laid to rest on our property right next to Pudders (Our Maine Coon).

Thanks and Regards,
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I am so sorry... Your kitty had a wonderful life with you, and touched many peoples hearts. It is so hard to lose them. You have great strength and love for Sonny to let him pass on. He will always be with you in spirit and heart.

You are in my thoughts and prayers,

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I am so sorry for your loss, Sonny was such a hansome boy that touched so many people's lifes.

RIP Sonny
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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved pet Sonny. You are a very loving parent and I'm sure Sonny appreciated everything you did for him. I will keep Sonny and you in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sonny sounds like a very special cat. RIP, sweet boy.
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What a pretty cat. I'm so sorry he had to be so ill so early in his life. I know you are very sad and will miss him greatly. I laid my Candy to rest two weeks ago today, in my back yerd. I still talk to her every night, as I'm sure you'll also talk to Sonny (and Pudders).

Rest in peace, Sonny.
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What a gorgeous boy! I am so sory for your loss. Believe me, none of us think you are crazy for spending the money on him at the end. We have all done the same.

RIP sweet Sonny
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Words can not explain how SonnY touched our lives. He was very loving and very soft and loved to purr and loved to butt heads with everyone. Never was there any other cat that could match his beauty. I am truly going to miss him running everytime the ice maker is turned on for his cold water. I am going to miss him every night when I lay down to sleep and he is not next to me purring away. He will forever be in my heart and be with me where ever I go. I know that Pudders and Cleo were waiting by the gate to take him home and he will no longer have to undergo tests and spend nights away from his family.
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He was truly a beautiful cat. I am so sorry for your pain and what has happened. Many of us understand because we have endured the same kind of sorrow. God bless you as you heal. It is a long hard road ahead. But just remember the good times. Let your memories give you peace and comfort. Your cat was blessed to be so loved. Rest in peace sweet kitty. You are missed.
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Oh good grief he's gorgeous!!

Thats so tragic at such a young age as well, i'm so very sorry for your loss

RIP Sonny, but know that you were loved deeply
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I miss Sonnie alot too well hi dad and luv ya
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You and Sonny fought the good fight and for that you can be proud. There are just some things that cannot be overcome, are difficult to accept and impossible to believe.
Hold fast to your memories of Sonny and your love will stay true. You will see Sonny again some day and it will be a joyous reunion. may help you navigate through the grief
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RIP sweet boy, fly with the angels and know you will be deeply missed
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Condolences to Mark, Sonny's Momma, Cassidy and the rest of the family in the loss of Sonny. He was remarkably gorgeous! May your happy memories be a comfort to you at this difficult time!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Condolences to Mark, Sonny's Momma, Cassidy and the rest of the family in the loss of Sonny. He was remarkably gorgeous! May your happy memories be a comfort to you at this difficult time!
Thank You Beckiboo. We all loved him so much. You couldn't have asked for a better cat. He was truly special to have effected us so in his short life.
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