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Feeding schedule

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All of mine were on free feeding. They could eat whatever whenever. Now with Sage's diagnosis she has to eat special food and not what the others are eating (which of course the little booger doesn't want to eat her special food) I can no longer leave their food out for them to eat as they want.

What is a good feeding schedule? How often do you feed yours, three times a day, four? I have no idea how to do this since all of our cats have always been free fed.
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An adult cat only needs to be fed 2 times a day. I feed Twitch twice a day & sneak a third meal in the middle of the day to Lily(as she is a kitten & needs 3-4 meals/day). I sometimes offer Twitch a snack during the day as well, but only if she didn't eat much for breakfast(I'm a softie). Because Sage is on a dpecial diet, I would sugest feeding her in a seperate room away from everyone else. That way she isn't eating food she isn't supposed to eat & no one else is eating her food. Good Luck! Kitties can be stubborn, but don't give up!
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I had to stop free feeing when I added The Colonel, aka the Feline Garbage Disposal, to our household. She put on a ridiculous amount of weight (I'm too embarassed to say how much) in her 1st months in my home because I thought ALL cats could be free fed Anyhow, the crew now eats 3 times per day (though they would prefer more) & I have to feed the other 2 cats up on a shelf so that The Colonel (who can't jump very high due to a past leg injury) doesn't clean up any leftovers.

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Kandie eats raw so I have scheduled times and amounts...

she eats at 8-9 am aka whensissy(me ) gets up

she eats at 11am

she eats at 4 -6 pm

she eats at 9 pm

she eats at 11 pm

Zoey gets to eat at 5-6 am
anytime( she eats dry) 10-6 pm
and then an evening snack
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OK, how would you do it for...say...7 cats?
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Thanks for all the input, I am probably going to feed them three times a day until I can get some weight off her and then switch to two. They are going to adult food soon anyway since they are almost One.
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