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Kitty toilet?

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I just found this toilet for cats at petco.com. I guess after the cat goes to the bathroom it "flushes" and cleans these granules that are used as the litter. It's a bit pricey but I guess if it worked it's worth it. Anyone own one of these? I'm kind of curious to see if they work. Not that I'd spend that much on a litter box anyway.

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It sounds like it would be less of a hassle! But the price!!! I wouldn't spen that much money. I'm with SuziQ on this one.
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Call me paranoid but would like to know whether case there is a problem with my Loki's poop and/or pee. If it flushes one might miss early signs of a problem.
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at www.litterfree.com . It actually does look really good, smart idea. You can hook it up to any water drain in your house (so next to your toilet, or your washer). Not too practical if you have multiple cats, and only one litterbox (it takes 1/2 hour to clean and dry itself completely). But you only have to change the litter every 6 mos! Plus, if you calculate out what you spend on litter per year (about $40 for me, because I use the crystals, and change weekly) it is a pretty good deal (I spend $480 a year!!!!!). Also, there is the bonus of never scooping poop again. And no smell, ever!
I will agree though, it would be hard to tell if kitty had a health problem, although I believe there is a wait period (like 10 min) after kitty goes before it cleans itself.
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That looks interesting...I don't know that I would buy it though for that price. If it was cheaper then maybe I would.
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