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kitty just pooed on bed

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hi one of my semi ferals has just pooed on the bed i smelt a auful smell and followed it right into my room where there was a poo and a pee in diffrnt parts of my bed
they have started getting the run of the house upstairs now and im quite shocked that one done this now when i went to the loo to get cleaner the bloody other one has done it in the bath ? all in the same night,
they use there box and i clean it every day why start this and will i cinfine them to downstairs again for the time being?
the bed poo was slightly diarhea could this be the cause. iv just taken away there food till tmorrow morning incase one has a upset tummy just left water for them any advice please thanks.
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Ah, cats do this! Even perfectly tame never been out
non ferals. They suddenly start. Sometimes it can be
fear that triggers this behavior - other times it
can be illness, and finally it can be territorial...

First - check they don't have UTI or other problem...

Next, check how the older cat you have is treating them: re,
letting them in to the boxes. Could be
he/she is scaring them when they go to poo/pee. Also get 3 boxes -
one for each cat. Put in different places, preferably hidden -
behind sofa under/behind bed, bathroom or kitchen? Where space

Lastly, clean your bedding thoroughly, turn the mattress
and make SURE you wash / treat with anti pee stuff
others on the board can advise on that.

Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to cover yr. bed with a plastic
tarp/spred... they don't like, and if they DO go - easy to
clean up...
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Nothing to add advice/wise. Just wanted to compliment your accent!! I love when I can "read" an accent from another country. I have just a plain old southern accent - which some from out west (US) or north seem to enjoy - but I just absolutely love hearing scottish/irish/australian/english, etc. That's what's fun about the internet!! Do the Scottish, etc. enjoy American accents as much as we enjoy yours?
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Hi there
yes southern american, and irish are my favriotes as well lol , i had a good lol when i read the thread and tried speaking out loud saying it oooh its just one of my funny turns its funny you can see the diffrnce in the way people say/write i will be on the look out now cheers again cheryl xxxxx
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It was the "loo" and "bloody" that exposed you. But I am guilty enough to say it is hard for me to type "you all" when it's "ya'll" to me!! Not sure what other tell-tale signs there are ... I'd like to think I have proper grammar even for a southern!!
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