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feeding kittens...help..!

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I have a 7 week old kitten (not my first kitten but memory seems not to be serving me too well!) Can anyone tell me whether he should be eating adult food or should i still be feeding him kitten food? I seem to remember that cows milk is not good for kittens (or cats) ...is this right...? Can anyone offer any sound advice or words of wisdom to help me out..?
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My policy is kitten food for the first year, as long as they aren't getting fat. A 7 week old, definately should be on kitten food. It's got extra nutrition, plus is usually small enough for them to eat, and more digestible, I think. I'm no expert! I feed Nutro Max Naturals Kitten. Actually, my 3 year old cat eats that too. I don't know how to feed them separately as I free feed, but she's not overweight at all at 8.5 pounds. And milk is bad for them, I think it can give them diarrhea.
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Welcome to the site! There are people here with much more knowledge than I (vet tech, breeders, etc.), but here's what I remember...

At 7 weeks, he should definitely be on kitten food. Like Alicat said, it has more nutrients to help their little growing bodies. It is usually recommended to keep them on kitten food for the first 1 to 1 1/2 years since they are still growing during that time. It is also a good idea to feed them some kitten soft food so they are sure to get enough water (obviously in addition to the water they drink).

Most cats don't do well with cow's milk as they get tummy aches and diahrea. They are actually lactose intolerant. Some cats do ok with it, but it is not generally good for them to get too much regardless.

Hope this helps!
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Kitten food definitely. Dry kitten food has around 35 percent protein, have a much higher fat content and have more calories than adult food.

alicat and valanhb are right about the cow's milk. I've even read that a cow won't drink homogenized, pasteurized milk. Makes you wonder.....
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Actually, all animals are lactose intolerant after they are weaned. Milk is only for baby mammals of that species. Humans are the only animal that not only drinks milk after weaning, but drinks another species milk. It's a very strange thing we do, us weird humans!
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That's an interesting bit of trivia. I bet cows must think we're strange.
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