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Kitten heaving

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Hi all. My new kitten has started heaving. She never vomits, but it's a breathy heave sound. We've had her a little over a week, but she's just started doing this.

We feed her only dry kitten food and water.

One thing I think that might be causing it is her bed. I bought them (we have two) a bed from Petco that is soft, fleece-like fabric. She nurses on it (thank goodness she ONLY nurses on IT) but I think maybe she's swallowing some of the fuzz? I don't know. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Sometimes cats throw up a little bit in their mouth and you can hear them tasting it and swalling it back down. Sometimes mine throw up but sometimes they just swalling it.
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If you take the bed away and she still does it after a day or so I would get her checked, including a chest xray. There are a number of things that could cause heavy breathing, infections included. My Persil started that when she was about 4 months old, was treated for a URI for a month, then an xray diagnosed a ruptured diaphragm (which can be genetic in cats). Not trying to frighten you, but don't ignore it for too long. Is she eating, drinking, playing OK?
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Teddy used to do the heaving thing too. It turned out that for him, it was a kind of cough, that came with his URI. It took 2 rounds (a month) of antibiotics to clear him up. We made sure to have a chest x-ray so that we knew his lungs were clear. Even if everything else is normal, you might want to go to the vet. Teddy acted completely normal through his entire URI -eating, drinking, litterbox use, playing like crazy, being lovey as always, etc.
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Now that I think about it, as was mentioned, it could be coughing. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference. My girl Autumn coughed and sneezed a lot and we found out it was seasonal allergies.
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Does it sound like she could be coughing? My Mama used to do that a lot when she was a kitten, she has a heart murmur so it's called a cardiac cough in her case.
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