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Weight loss/health sites

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Here are a couple of incredibly useful (and free) sites for anyone trying to lose weight/gain weight/stay healthy.

You can track all your food intake at http://www.fitday.com. Their database is necessarily not complete, but you can add your own foods. To add a food, you just have to put in the info once; after that, you can just choose the food from a dropdown to add it to your daily intake. It also has reports about where you are getting your calories from, your vitamin/mineral requirements, etc. Very cool site.

And you can track your measurements at http://mybodycomp.com. They ask for not only your weight and standard measurements (hip, waist, chest, etc.) but also some measurements you might not have thought of, such as neck, shoulders, etc. When you are losing weight, the numbers don't always go down where you think they will/want them to. It is encouraging to see them go down somewhere, though. Another very cool site.

Does anyone else have any sites you'd like to recommend?
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Thank you for giving us these sites....i will have to check them out because I am going on a diet as well....
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I like http://www.dietfacts.com/. It gives the nutrition values for foods a lot of different restaurants.
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