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I lost my Bud a year ago today

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A year ago today I was making the terrible journey that all of us cat lovers dread. I was going up to my cottage to lay my poor Bud to rest.
He gave me alot of joy in my life and fought the good fight to the end. I nursed him through Hepatic Liptosis and he survived. He was a trooper until the day I had to make that fateful choice and he even purred at the end as to assure me I was doing the right thing.
I miss the way he used to beg for food and the way he would just wait and look at my S.O. until he got settled in his recliner and motioned for the OK for Bud to jump up and sit on his lap.
I still chuckle at the memory of this then skinny little cat backing the dog into the corner if she got in his space.
I am thankful that I have 6 wonderful furbabies that helped to ease the pain.
But there was and always will be only one Bubbaloo! At least I had the pleasure of having him for 10 years.
I miss him so much!
RIP sweet angel, I'll be looking for you when I cross over to the rainbow Bridge!
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I know, ever so recently, how difficult it is to be the one to give up, though it may be the right thing to do. I lost my Candy kitty to kidney disease right after Christmas, and she is laid to rest in my back yard. (I talk with her every evening when I go to feed my horse and barn cats.)

It sounds like Bud was a neat kitty, and I know how much you miss him. Until you see him again, RIP, Bubbaloo.

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I am so sorry. It's so hard to lose one of our precious furbabies.

RIP Bud.
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Thinking of you and Bud.
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and no doubt Bud will be there waiting for you

play happily Bud - until you meet again
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Bless his little heart, it's the little things that they do isn't it that we'll all miss one day

RIP Bud, play happily over the bridge
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