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I am gonna be an Aunt!!

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This past saturday was my 21st birthday. So my big sis called me bright and early and said i got you two gifts, one i can tell you now the other you have to wait for later. So I tell her to tell me what it is. She said you are going to be and AUNT!!! I asked her what new pet she was getting!! She shaid no new pets but a baby! a real HUMAN baby!!

My mom is very excited! She has 2 grandkitties and a grand puppy and now a grandchild!!!! This is my first niece/nephew!! So i just have to tell everyone that will listen!
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CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am a first time Aunt too, my sister and brother inlaw had there first baby November 10th, 2005. My sister had a little baby Girl and named her Madison. It is a very exciting time, I am still in amazement over me being an aunt. I'm so happy!
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Madison is such a pretty name!! Congrats to you too!
I hope my sis has a girl!!
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Oh how exciting!

Be sure to spoil the new baby like crazy!!
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My niece is going to be 7yrs old in Febuary!!! I love being an Aunt!!!!

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Awww I know how you feel! When I was on my way home from a cruise with my best friend I got a call from my brother telling me I was going to be an aunt! That was in October and I'm still in shock over it. Congrats!!!! I know it will be so much fun and so exciting for the both of us!
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