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Did everyone remember...

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Last saturday night, it was Daylight Savings Time. I was reminded on Friday so I set my clock already. Too bad I can't sleep in anymore.
I was just looking at the clock in the computer lab and it said that it was a quarter to twelve. I thought, it can't be! Class was let out early. Then I discovered that they haven't changed the clock yet. So...
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Thanks Alicia. It never hurts to have more reminders about this sort of thing - no one wants to have to explain to a boss, professor, etc. that he/she was late due to not changing the clock . I wasn't paying attention at all but my mom reminded me of it when we chatted a couple of days ago. I then continued the chain and reminded my friends...quite a few didn't realize it was that time to change the clock again.
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I remembered!! I usually forget though.

It's nice that it's lighter out later now. When I get off of work now it won't feel so late.
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I knew, but--I was so tired Sat. night I went to bed early and awakened at 6 a.m. Since I have trouble staying asleep, I'm glad it will stay dark longer in the morning. I didn't like it when I had to leave for work before the sun came up, though!
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Usually, when the seasons start to change, I kept watching the news every weekend to see if its time to change the clocks. I like it that it will be lighter now. I've been walking everyday so it helps.
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I am so bad about the clock changes. I grew up mostly in Arizona, where we don't do it. Even with explicit instructions, I always have trouble figuring out which way to go. One year, in the fall when I first moved here, I set the clock the wrong way and was 2 hours early to work!!! :tounge2: So now I rely on my cable and computer. They both set themselves, so I just follow the leader! Yay for technology!
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I remember the directions (spring ahead, fall back) but I usually miss the weekend. This year, the school sent home a notice about it! I think it's kind of funny, but I guess it's one way to make sure the kids are there on time.
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I totally forgot about, until hubby said something about it. Good thing, or else I would have been late to everything. For some reason, I thought that we set the clocks ahead a few weeks earlier than we did last year???
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I remembered to set the clocks. I just wish there was some time button on my body that I could set too! I am so tired today! I went to bed at my normal time, but my body would not go to sleep until an hour later.

And poor Trent. He is an on schedule kitty, so the time changes really throw him for a loop.
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In AZ there is not daylight savings time! But I would have forgotten too.

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I remembered the time change and I was really glad I didn't have to work last weekend.
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I remembered, but haven't changed all my clocks yet. I just add an hour to the time.
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The good thing about it is that when I work, I get off at six. I have to take the night schedule. The buses come every hour and it got pretty dark while waiting for the bus.
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