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Good Morning All,
I am looking for some help with out cat. We have a 8 year old domestic shorthair cat that we adopted from the Humane Society Last Year. We discovered after we had adopted him that he had some potty issues, but we did not want to take him back to the Humane Society. He had not had a bowel movement in about two weeks our vet was able to help with that. But he would not use a litter box at all. So we created an area with newspaper that he seems to like better. His is declawed and neuted. The problem that we are having now is that yesterday due to the odor in the area we have pulled up all the carpet and laid down some tile with his paper, but he now won't go on that area and is peeing on my sisters clothes. He had been diagnosed with a UTI in previous trips to the Vet but he is not showing an sign of one now. Is there anyone out there that can tell what might be wrong with him we are very worried about him? We don't want to punish him because we know that it would only make it worse but we are at loose ends to know what is wrong with him. He is not the only animal that we have adopted. We did find a stray kitten that someone had thrown outside of my sister work location that nobody at her office would take so she brought him home. They did not get a long a first but now they are insepertable. So we are not sure if he is just mad at my sister or because we did bring the new cat in 6 months ago. Thank you all in advance for your assistance.
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Hi. I would advise to take your kitty for a vet visit. There could be something medically wrong that is causing his inappropriate elimination.
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If you look at the very top of the Behavior forum you'll see a permanent thread about cat peeing problems. You can look there. As to the litter issue, some declawed cats don't like gravel litter because it gets into the area where the claws (and part of his toes) used to be. You can use litter boxes, because they make different kinds of litter that won't get stuck in there (Feline Pine, one made of newspaper, gravel litters that have larger gravels, etc). You might investigate your litter options and see if you can find one your kitty likes.
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I just read another post about a declawed cat urinating inappropriately. The advice was to use a litterbox full of rabbit pellets.
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Also have the vet look at the site of the declaw. Often there is an infection deep within where they removed the socket Making it very unpleasant for the cat to stand on cat litter therefore they pee on carpet or piles of soft clothes.
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