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Thick bladder wall and high kidney values

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Sorry if my choise of words don't work so well in english as in swedish.

My kitty is currently at the vet's, because he was peeing blood two days ago. We rushed him to the hospital immediatly.

Now they say he's got high kidney values and a thick bladder wall. And that they may have nothing to do with eachothers, they don't know. They also "guess" that the thick bladder wall is because of coagulated blood in his bladder, but it "could" be kidney stones.

They suggest a possible treatment that will make life more bearable (and he's such a happy little cat, always running around, wanting company and attention and some playing... he's always been like that, in spite of this apparent problem that we've now discovered)

Now sometimes I feel that vet's here aren't very well educated in alternatives when it comes to mostly everything, and they're way too fast with terminal alternatives, so I'm hoping any of you know something that I can discuss with my vet, about what to do.
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How old is the cat??
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We don't really know since he's adopted from the cat shelter... but approximately five or six years.

They've put him on a treatment now for a few days, and he seems abnormally content with being at the vets actually (we went to visit him today). He's a bit stressed by all the smells, but generally he's very awake and calm and cuddly and curious. I'm quite impressed with him..

The treatment consists mainly of IV, special diet, and antibiotics. They're having a trial two-three days, and then we'll see... They say that since he's so, well, happy and just the way he is, there's a good chance of him getting better, even if not getting completely well.
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I hope it is just a little"bug" causeing this./..
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How did they diagnose a thick bladder wall? Did they do an ultrasound or x-ray? I would recommend an x-ray to see if there are any stones causing the bladder thickening from irritation.
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They did an ultrasound to check the bladder walls. They say it might be stones, but don't think so... and they say to remove any stones they'd have to do surgery, and because of his kidneys he wouldn't survive anaesthetic, so they can't anyway. But for some reason or other, they don't think it's stones. I don't imagine myself to understand even if they explain, I've never been good with biological features.

They say his kidneys seem more or less broken down, seing to the "values" of various stuff I don't understand. That's why they don't think he can get completely well. But since kitty himself is so optimistic, they think he can get pretty well anyways.
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Can you get a copy of the bloodwork?
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Check out www.felinecrf.org - one of the two best spots on the new on chronic kidney failure. Read the whole site
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Thank you for all the replies, I'm checking that site out now.

He's getting home today! He's peeing normally, no visible blood, and he's got a great appetite for the help-the-kidneys-food Some of those bad values have gone down, even if the major ones won't go all the way down. But outwards, he seems absolutely fine.

I might try to get a hold of the bloodworks later, but now I have a fever and I'm just so relieved that he can come home that I don't want to think about other things today, and I'll deal with the thinking tomorrow.

I'm going to read all of that site later, it's good to know.

Thank you.
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