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nettie needs your prayers

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i am new to this and would like to ask you all to pray for my cat, nettie. i took her to the doctor because i seen blood in her stool. they took all kinds of tests and found she had a mass near small intestine and if its not removed it could possibly get bigger and block her intestine. i took her for a second opinion and they referred me to a hospital in tinton falls, new jersey wheeer she will get explorarory surgery. i am so upset and feel so bad cause i love my nettie. i have her 13 years and bottle fed her a s a kitten. i love her like i gave birth to her myself and that is how close i am to her.
thank you for listening,
mary ann
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Hi..I am moving this to the lounge so more people will read it. I am sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time. It is always hard when things are out of your hands. I am sure she is going to come out of this just fine. I find that the cats who are loved the most, pull through just to come home to their humans. I am going to post a link that is in the health section. It is very similar to your situation. I hope it gives you some comfort!!
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Welcome to the forums Mary Ann,

I'm sorry to hear about Nettie's condition. I feel for her and for you! It must be terrible for you to have your baby going through this!

I do hope she pulls through and recovers. I'll be thinking about you!

Keep us posted.
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Mary Anne, I hope your lil' Nettie will be ok. Please keep us posted as to how she is doing and feeling. My heart just totally goes out to all sick kitties and along with it, my prayers for Nettie's safe recovery.
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Mary Ann; Of course I will be praying for Nettie. Please, keep us all posted on her recovery. These people are my newest friends; and we all want to reach out and be a new and understanding shoulder for you. I, too agree that the cats we love the hardest and nursed the most in the beginning have the most will to return back to home. When will Netie have the surgery or has she already had it? Threeleggedkat
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WElcome to the forums Mary Ann, I said a prayer for Nettie, I hope she is okay....please let us know how it goes. I know how you feel about loving her as much as if you'd given birth to her.
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Dearest Mary Anne,
I am very sorry to hear of Nettie's condition. I can relate to being very scared of losing your baby. I came to this site when I was losing Kadaffi (my 18 year old Himalayan...he was very ill with an infection, I had no idea of how to make him comfortable until I could get him to the vet. The people here comforted me and stood by me all the way. Nettie is not old...but, we are not to say when and what's going to happen in our lifetime...there's only ONE with that decision. Here's a couple of suggestions that worked wonders from these beautiful people that gave them to me:
Stay close to your kitty and love on her as much as you can so she can see and here how much she is loved.
Keep her in a nice quiet area, serene, maybe some candles burning...make her comfy ...
Talk to her very sweet and softly (She'll be comforted knowing that you're there with her)
You'll both be in my prayers.
God Bless You & Your Nettie
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Welcome, you've come to the right place. I use to live in Jersey and the place you are taking her too is very good. Please keep us posted on her condition and if you need us, you know where to come to. I will send prayers and white lights for a speedy recovery.

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My prayers are with you and Nettie. Please keep us poated on her progress.
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mary ann, my thoughts are also with you & your nettie. i wish her a safe operation and recovery.

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