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What breed is my cat?

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I know it's not a big deal and we love him all the same but I am wondering if anyone can tell me what breed is my cat (if any)? He has blue eyes and is a little guy at only about eight pounds. He is super friendly and sociable and very adventurous. He likes climbing and jumping on shoulders and off of walls. He's very vocal too. When we got him he was all white with dark tips on his tale and slight stripes on his face. Now he is darker with more pronounced stripes. We've been told by various people that he is some kind of siamese mix or tonkinese perhaps a shorthaired European mix.
Here are some pictures, two as a kitty and two in the present (hope these work!)




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I can't view the pictures sorry
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sorry (i'm an idiot with these things).

does this work? (i made sure it was public):

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He does resemble a siamese mix. It's hard to tell, though, and it's anyone's guess. He's gorgeous, though!
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He sure does look like he has siamese in him. Are all the pictures the same cat? If so he sure changed in looks and color as he grew!
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Yes, they are all the same cat. His name is Yerba. We actually found him about two years ago as a kitten in a botanical garden in Buenos Aires (like many places in South America, parks are crawling with cats although when we saw this kitten there he was too irresistably cute not to take in) when we were living there for a year. The pictures where he is all white were when we first took him in. He proceded to get darker as time went on. We took him back to Canada with us (I'm not sure if he's forgiven us yet for taking him back to such a cold climate!), and those other photographs are just a few weeks old. Thanks for the responses!
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It's not unusual for a pointed cat to get darker with age, and in a colder climate. They're colored like that because the protein that makes them colored only works on the cooler areas of the body ie. ears, face, legs, tail But if they're environment gets cooler, they get a little more colored!

Without knowing his ancestry and without paperwork, we can only label Yerba as a domestic short hair (I'm sure someone can give you a color for him better than I can), as even the "siamese" point pattern is naturally found in the cat population. But there is no doubt, he is a precious little beauty, and lucky to have parents who care enough about him to bring him all the way to Canada with them! Thanks for sharing him with us, and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from you!
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Beautiful little guy! His colouring, especially as a kitten, but also in the way it has darkened, is not unlike my Fawn. She's just as much a moggie as your guy, also rescued with no hope of knowing who Daddy was. There have been numerous speculations as to what genes might be present: Siamese, Tonkinese, even Snow Bengal, but in the end, nobody knows, and the thing that's for sure is she's all Sweetheart -- just like Yerba.
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His eyes look like he has some Siamese in them to me, he's a sweetie
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