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Not too much of a problem,but...

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How do i get my sister's cat to start loving me?There are times when i play with him when i hold him..lol and he gets a bit taddy annoyed ... i used to mess around with him alot..,hold his head and make his hands and arm go up touching my wrist and trying to claw my wrist lol... but i feel like i need to change of heart and the habit of messing with him like that...yeah,so..instead,i started using a laser..for some reason,he loves the laser...everytime i make circles,he makes circles...but i dont know if thats gonna make him like me..cause you know,he still avoids me EVERYTIME i get near him and when i try to pet him and trying to get all goodie-goodie with him,he still runs away....i want to train him and get him with a better relationship with me;training has to do with food,right?.....but it's so obvious he gets food anytime anywhere(restroom,living room stacked full of his cat food) so when i try to feed him,to make him happy,he's like " eh,i dun't need dem food you give meh...i got lotsa tons other der..i dont need any from you...."and he doesnt eat the cat food i give him....I asked my sister to change the idea about the food...she said "well i dont know..i dont really think so" i wanna start training my sister's cat...and make him not avoid/drive off me anymore...but eh,he would sometime avoid my family members too...some of the time not always...and of course..he loves the garage....lol everyday i go next to the door to the garage,he would meow everytime..even when we are eating in the kitchen.His name is Lucky..Gray and white colored .Can you guys give me any advice of what to do?To make him love me and start coming up to me?.... I feel down everytime he runs off everytime i see his face and when i get near him and call his name...
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He is scared of you and understandably so. The early horseplay you engaged with him, likely scared him. Cats are funny creatures, and you cannot train them. They are not dogs, they don't respond well to discipline or treats to get them to like someone. Either they like you or they don't. They also forget quite quickly the good stuff you do for them, but they never seem to forget the bad.

This statement you made here:

i used to mess around with him alot..,hold his head and make his hands and arm go up touching my wrist and trying to claw my wrist lol... but i feel like i need to change of heart and the habit of messing with him like that...

Is something that a cat would be very uncomfortable with. If I were you, I would just try ignoring this cat for quite awhile. Don't pay any attention to him whatsover, don't hold him, or call to him, or make eye contact with him. Over time, he will become curious about why you no longer care, and he will come to you. It won't be overnight, but it will happen. But right now, you are a predator in his eyes and he wants nothing to do with you.
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I see...I just wanted to teach him how to come to me when i call his name...but i guess..he isnt a dog...=\\...
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Hi, you could try one thing, it's called psychology! It could take quite a while to work, but it often does. Whenever you're both in the same room, ignore him. Just act like you hardly realize he's there, and couldn't care less. Just do whatever you're doing otherwise. And be very consistent about it for weeks if you have to. Cats are very curious, and after a while he will want to know why things are different, and want some attention, but stay tough for a while, barely acknowledge him. After a while (could be ages) he will come closer, start paying attention to you, wanting to not-be ignored. When he does, just let him sniff your hand, but without trying to touch him or anything, maybe just the back of your hand on his cheeks for a minute, and gradually gradually he will get closer and closer, and over time, if you're very nice, but not grabby, he'll maybe sit closer, start to like you (you can't really 'make' someone love you - it's not a choice they have, they either do or don't) and want to be friends, but always be the one holding back. I bet it works, but you must be very, very patient.
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Larke,i think that idea might work.Thanks.
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I don't know why you rolled your eyes, but what they are telling you is true. Cats are just unique creatures.
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i rolled my eyes?o.O maybe this smiliy isnt working for me..it's looking up to me though...and yeah you dont think i believe?
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hmm,it's starting to work..!lucky was a bit far apart from me,but...he started coming up to my hand sniffing and biting a little bit..(hehehehe i bet he's curious why im ignoring him ) is this a good sign?
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Yes, it is a good sign, but don't let him bite you. Withdraw your hands out of the equation. Ignore, means to ignore completely. Except feeding and taking care of his needs, but since it isn't technically your cat, that isn't the issue here.

You didn't mean to start off wrong with him, so now that you don't expect him to perform around you the pressure is off him and he will relax. He won't forget for awhile, so these love bites can quickly become something worse, so again just ignore him.
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I see.And actually,to be more specific,i letted him sniffed and bite without me having eye contact with him,here's how it started...lucky cat and my dad was messing around because he was crying like a baby doing little pitched ones and kinda bored until then came up to me and sniff on the hand a little bit and bite softly though...evenually after like 4 seconds moved my hand back up to my keyboard.Yeah,i was on the comp...
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