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Won't Sleep in Bed

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All the cats we have ever had in the past have always shared our bed at night time. Even if they didn't stay there all night long they would start out on the bed and sleep with us. Our new addition, Miss Neely, on the other hand will happily fall asleep in my lap while I'm watching tv in the evening but will not sleep in bed at night. She does everything she can possibly think of to get us out of bed instead. I have read the info. on cat sleep and have tried some of the methods suggested. Just wondering if anyone else has a cat that does not want to sleep with them. Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.
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I toss and turn alot in my sleep so my cats usually don't like to sleep with me. They will sometimes, but they usually just sleep next to the bed. I can't blame them, I wouldn't want to sleep with a tosser/turner either.
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Part of the joy of living with cats is learning that they almost always just do what they want to do. It could be that Neely prefers not to be close to Sean when she sleeps, rather than that she's prefering not to be with you. See how it goes, she may come to like sleeping on the bed in time.
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Actually Sean sleeps in my daughter's room and Neeko is at the bridge. But you are right, Neely may eventually decide that sleeping in bed is not so bad afterall, just wish she would let us sleep in bed quietly!
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It's a rarity if one of my cats sleeps in the bed with us. Albert will let me fall asleep and cuddle him, and even sleep with my head ON him, but he loves to sleep in Cleo's little pink bed that he keeps overturned so that it swaddles him. Cleo isn't into being held, and the only time she'll actually jump on one of us is when we're lying down. She'll sleep between our legs sometimes, but not all night.
Just goes to show that no two cats are exactly alike!
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Out of our 5 cats only Angel will most of the time sleep on the bed with us at night. She learned when she was little to sleep at our feet because she got smushed a couple times when Yvonne or I would roll over in our sleep lol. During the daytime though there might be 4 of the 5 sleeping on the bed.
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Out of 7 cats only 3 sleep on the bed with us. I love to cuddle with them at night. My real bed buddy passed away last year and he slept in my arms all night long. I miss that!!!!
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PJ will not sleep with us. She'll come into the bed and visit for about 10 minutes, and then she leaves. She did this before we got Teddy, so we don't think it's him.
Teddy, on the other hand, sleeps with us almost every night. He owns the bed, which I guess is how it's supposed to be... since he is, afterall, a cat.
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Zakk will snuggle at night, than go to his own bed. Rocky will lay between my legs for a bit, then take off once we have fallen asleep. Sometimes he will come back in the middle of the night and snuggle my head and knead.
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Diesel used to sleep between the pillows, now I have no idea where he sleeps.

And Portia sleeps with me occasionally but never the whole night and always in a different spot!
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Hmmm...I'm pretty sure all my cats sleep with me at some point during the night....
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After reading all the above posts, it's obvious what we already know:all cats are oh so different - including their sleeping preferences. Which is why we love them right? My bed at night has animals playing musical bed. It starts out with just my dogs in the bed with me. At some point of the night, one or the other will move to the couch. Cali (my calico) always takes her place at the foot of my bed in between my legs later, like in the middle of the night (when she knows I'm sleeping and won't be tossing). Lilly usually comes in a couple hours before it's time to wake up (yeah, she likes torturing me in these crucial last sleeping hours), and licks my face over and over, then falls asleep on my chest. Mia, my newest addition, hasn't ventured to sleep in my crowded bed - but I know she will eventually!!!
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our kitty cat won't even sit on the couch with us for longer than 30 seconds!

the only thing she does if we let her in the bedroom at night is pounce us! so she doesn't sleep in our bedroom.. if it were my choice she'd be sleeping right next to me though when i was a kid, i had a kitty that slept on my pillow
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Originally Posted by abbycats
Out of 7 cats only 3 sleep on the bed with us. I love to cuddle with them at night. My real bed buddy passed away last year and he slept in my arms all night long. I miss that!!!!
We had one cat many years ago who also slept in my arms all night long just like a stuffed animal. Better yet, if my hubby moved too close to me Shawnee would bite him right on the nose!
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