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Kodak EasyShare tip

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Two weeks ago, I bought a new EasyShare camera and had no end of trouble, installing the software. After several back-and-forth e-mails with Kodak, I finally got all of the old stuff off of my computer and was ready to install the new software.

Yesterday, I inserted the CD, followed the onscreen instructions and thought that I was home free. After getting to the product registration page, I was unable to complete the install, as I got a "not responding" message.

Giving up, once again, I had to shut down and reboot my computer. THIS time, I said to heck with the CD and downloaded the software directly from the Kodak website. In the future, if I ever buy another Kodak camera, I'm going to just leave the CD in its sleeve and go directly to the Kodak website.

Be warned: now that my camera works, TCS may be inundated with pix of cats, dogs and twins!
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You go girl! I suggest buying extra memory for it. I barely used my Kodak until I just bought memory over Christmas.
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That is a good idea cindy. The cpu I am using now does have card readers so I have not needed to download the Kodak cd here, it saves me so much time and I don't need to look for the cable to plug in from the camera - jus ttake my card out and shove it into the cpu and im good to go!
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But I have my sony pkg software and installed a new version of kodak software and my card reader no longer reads my moms cards but mine are ok. I have to hook up mom's camera to download the pics??? No problems before I downloaded the new easyshare software. Too odd!!!
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