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Its been a year...

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Since I've joined the Cat Site. It all started with my first and never forgotten kitten named Jake. He was a gray tabby with white. I received him in April at the age of eight weeks. He got out of the house in August and ran away. When I found him, he was run over. I was heart broken. But in October, my I fell in love with a new kitten, Rascal. Although Jake will never be forgotten, Rascal help to ease the pain.

I'd like to thank everyone for such a great site and for helping me. I am still new at this kitty thing, but thanks to the threads about spaying/neutering, not declawing, and other things, I've been talking to people about these important things.

I like to thank Hissy, Sandie, Debby, Deb25, Colby, Daniella, and all the members that have come and gone for making me feel welcome and not afraid to ask a question. Above all, I like to especially thank Anne, who built this site. I hope you are well and safe in a country torn my war.

Happy Anniversary to MEEE!!!!
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How time flies on this board! You are welcome Nena, glad that Rascal came along to plug the hole in your heart.
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Thats great that you've been here for a year! I have also found alot of useful information that I wouldn't have known about unless I had joined TCS. I've also passes along alot of this good info to others.
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Happy anniversary!!

Too bad we couldn't throw you a party or something. I'll bring the cake!!
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You are welcome Nena! Time sure does fly around here, doesn't it??
Glad you are around here, and glad that Rascal eased the pain of losing Jake.

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We are all glad you have been here a year, and hope you will be around many more years!!!! The site wouldn't be the same without you! *hugs*
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