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pesky cat

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Although I love my cat dearly.. he drives me crazy sometimes. He is constantly wanting to lick my face! When I sit on the couch he will even take his paws to pull my face down so he can lick it! He will circle around my head at night chewing on my hair and licking my face. I will push him off the bed and he will jump back up and then lay across my face purring! Why does he insist on laying accross my face and licking me to death does anyone know?

Oh.. his breath also doesn't smell so great!!
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He is probably deeply in love with you.Do you tend to make way too happy and energized?this is only my opinion.I dont know
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I think that he is just showing you affection. I used to own a cat a long time ago that would do that. It was like she thought I was one of her littermates. She would constantly be licking me/cleaning me like I was another cat. The cat I own now doesn't lick me all the time but he does like to lay near my head, under my chin at night, purring like crazy. He's very demanding when he wants something. I've heard tho, that cats do that to their young to make sure that they are breathing. If you don't like it I would come up with a way to make him stop slowly. I make a sound when Morgan is doing something I don't like, and it has helped me curb one of his bad habits, suckling.

Not sure if that helped, but good luck!!!
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Sounds like kitty love to me!
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Does anyone know why cats will lay accross your face though? He will do it for a few minutes then get up and circle my head and do it again! Maybe he has a love hate relationship with me! haha
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