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Sick cat - need advice, please?!

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This is a little long and I apologize, but I want to make sure that you have all the info before helping me.... and I thank you in advance if you have any advice!

I have a 10 1/2 year old boy named Elvis. On Wednesday, December 21st he was in a fight with another cat. I took him to the vet the next morning and she cleaned a cut on his back and drained it because it was infected. At that point she put him on Clavamox and sent us home. The next day he began vommiting, so she changed his meds to Amoxicillin. On Friday morning I realized that he hadn't eaten or drank a thing since Wednesday night so I brought him back to the vet and she gave him fluids under the skin and sent us home again. Saturday morning (the 24th of December) I called the Emergency Vet clinic and brought him in to get fluids and a shot of penicilin and again on Christmas day we did the same thing. On Tuesday the 27th, I brought him back to the vet and she cleaned his cut again and told me that he probably had a blood infection from the cut. On Wednesday the 28th, he still hadn't eaten or drank anything since the previous week. She admitted him into the hospital to put him on an IV. Over the next three days she had him on an IV and started him on another medication, Baytril. On Saturday the 31st, she transferred him to the Emergency Hospital because her office would be closed until Tuesday the third of January. At the Emergency place they started him on another medication that I can't pronounce or spell, but it was another antibiotic. His fever broke (it had been ranging betweek 103.5 and 105.2) and they finally sent him home on Monday morning (the 2nd). When he got home he started eating and drinking a little. It's now almost a week later and I have been diligent about his medication (setting my alarm for midnight and 6am to give him the pills at the right times), but he's stopped eating and drinking again. After 3 weeks on antibiotics shouldn't his infection be gone? Shouldn't he be eating and drinking again? He just lays there and doesn't want to play or anything. The only way that I've been able to get him to eat is with babyfood on my finger - he won't even eat it out of a bowl. I put tuna juice in his water, but he still won't drink it. Can anybody offer me any advice? I think there's something more wrong with him other than just a cut, but all tests have come back negative. I've spent $1500 on this little guy in the past few weeks and can't afford much more... help? please? I just need to get him to eat and/or drink.....
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I would suggest you take him back and get him x-rayed. When cats tangle outside there are a lot of body slamming, holding down and pressure type injuries that can occur. He also could have other bites that aren't showing yet. If he will let you, take your hand and palm-side down pass it over the top of his fur and skin without touching his hair or him. Look for heat to rise up and meet your palm. If you feel heat, stop and lower your hand until it rests on the heat source. Then start gently looking for the bite. Do this all over his body under his shoulders, around his neck, base of his tail, tummy everywhere.

If you read this article it will give you tips on how to get a reluctant cat to eat-

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He's already been x-rayed and they found nothing. They tested him for Feline Leukemia, FIV, and loads more. The only thing left is an ultrasound. I will be taking him back to the vet tomorrow morning and hopefully his fever isn't back. Thank you for your help - I'm going to check out the article now and probably squirt water down his throat with a syringe a little later. :-)
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be careful squirting water, drop in a little at a time, a sick cat unwilling to swallow is prone to get the liquid in their lungs instead of where it should go, then you will have a cat with pneumonia. Sorry I missed the part that your cat had been x-rayed.
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I think that I forgot to write that he had been x-rayed - there was SO much going on with him that I can't remember a lot of it. Hopefully his doctor will be able to fix him. I might be over reacting a little but I don't think so. Elvis' brother died of kidney and liver cancer over the summer and it all started out just like this, so I think his vet thinks I'm overreacting. Hopefully we can figure it out and get him better soon. I will be careful with the water - maybe I'll try something like watering down babyfood and trying to hand feed him. Thanks for all your advice - I'm going to try and get something in his belly now.
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