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Bringing Third Cat Home Tomorrow

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We have two cats, both female. Our oldest is 10 and very high strung. The youngest, is 5 and the sweetest cat on earth. We've fallen in love with a 4 mos old male kitten and are in the process of adopting him. He will be coming home for the 1st time on Monday. We're going to separate the new kitten in a separate room for a while. We adore our cats (they are our children) and want to make it an easy adjustment for all.

'Would like some feedback from others with 3 cats and how well they do together!

Thanks! Leslie
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When I joined TCS, I had 3 females (Joji, Skinny and QT), so I guess I can answer your question. My cats coexist peacefully. There's no cuddling or sleeping together or bathing one another and I don't think there ever will be. But at least, once in a while, there are some playful games of tag and cat stampedes.
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I have three female cats and they get along lovely! Another thing you can do during the separation period is take a blanket or towel your current cats sleep on and one from the new kitty and swap them so they can all get used to each other smells and it won't be a huge surprise and chaotic when they are introduced.

Good luck!
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ah, I am happy for you and will be thinking of your new family member!
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Sounds like you have it figured out already with the separate room idea. This way, the other cats will be curious and get used to the new cat's smell gradually. If it goes like our introduction of our new adopted kitten (incidently named Junebug, BTW), there will be rough spots, but cats generally work out all their own problems given time.

You're going to be very busy, I presume, with three. Congrats on the new baby!
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hi there im still aving trouble but not as much with my oldest shes 5-6 and was the baby till i adopted 2 semi ferals aged 6 months on satuarday i bought feliway but it was expensive 28 GBP so i will by from ebay if i need refill its to calm the cats down as my oldest is still hissing away at them

but it takes up to 4 weeks to work maybe you could get it now if the older cats are hissy and in a months time when you get them ontroduced properly it will be working good luck to you and your wee family xxx
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As silly as it sounds, it does have some merit. Someone told me long time ago to never have an odd amount of cats - always even as 9 out of 10 times they pair up to a buddy and you have a leftover cat.

One trick I will recommend is to put cornstarch powder on each cat to make them all smell the same - helps with the introductions.
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I have three and they don't get along all that well, but it's mainly the oldest one who hates the other two, since she remembers being an only cat and thinks she still should be. LOL

The younger two play together, although they are definitely not pals.

Even so, I think it's better for a cat not to be alone all day while you're at work -- even if odd numbers sometimes result in a "third wheel" situation. I live in a two-bedroom apartment and have taken special care to provide hiding places for the three of them so when they get tired of each other, they can retreat.
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I have three (two boys and a girl) and the third kitty was brought in at the end of October last year. It has not been plain sailing, I'll tell you that!

Tibby and Molly get on fantastically - they've been together since they were kittens, two years ago. Tibby has taken much better to Willow, but we are continuing to make progress with Molly and Willow who seem to just clash slightly.

We're not aiming for best friends, just for them to tolerate eachother!

I hope your process of introducing your third kitty goes well!
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I only have 2 so can't comment but good luck with your new baby! I hope everything goes well!
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Congratulations on your new addition. Sounds like you already have good plan for gradual introduction, which is key. I adopted a third cat (Peter) almost a year ago, when he was six months old. My girls were 11 and 5 at the time. We did gradual introduction and surprisingly my older cat, who I was most concerned about, accepted Peter much more readily than the younger one. Even after all this time Gracie still gets pretty hissy with Peter, but that's probably because he bugs her so much and constantly wants to play. I adopted Peter's sister a couple of months ago and everyone seems much happier. It really seems to help that he has another cat, especially his littermate, to play with. Good luck!
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