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DT For Monday

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Good Morning everyone!!! How was the weekend? Well, Friday I had to work. It was very busy at the store. I spent the weekend with my kids and helping the owners of the house straighten up the house. They are painting the house and cleaning the carpets because they want to refinance. I am getting more hours at work because the days are getting warmer and everyone comes in for a fountain drink or slurpee. I don't know what is it about slurpees, but I really don't like them. They have grape, cherry, coca cola, and Mountain dew.
I am considering telling my boss that I am willing to train on the cash register so that I can get more hours. I really don't have confidence, but I am willing to try, little by little.

I found out on Friday that I graduate from school on May 10. I don't understand why since I don't finish until June 30. But my advisor told me that I will be graduating. So I am getting excited. Hopefully by July, I will be working fulltime. I will be working at 7-11 parttime in the evenings to get extra income.

Have a wonderful day!!!!
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Good morning to you Alicia! Congrats on graduating soon!

I was sick last night, and still didn't feel well this morning so I called in sick. think I have a touch of the flu, but I was so bored laying in bed, so I got on here for awhile, and I do feel better now. Maybe that is the end of it. I hate being sick.
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Just another working day, for me. Swing shift, until Wednesday and, then: four-day weekend! Opie, finally got up at 8:45 and, promptly, parked himself on my chest (I was lying on the couch, talking on the phone.) Have a good week, everyone!
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Hello everyone! Today the weather will be a little bit warmer, but it is really foggy and we have some light rain. My weekend was busy with cleaning, laundry, school and running errands. Not fun!
Alicia-where do you work? Also, congrats on graduating in May...I still have 3 more years before I graduate. Oh well... Have a good Monday everyone! :daisy:
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I work at 7-11. I started in August when I was able to work from 3pm to 10pm Monday through Thursday and on Friday from 1 pm to 5pm. But the store changed Managers and with the winter they reduced my hours.
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Oh, I see. Do you work at a food place then? A mountain dew slurpee sounds really good right about now. Mmmm...
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Back to the grind...I was out sick on Friday and that was even my 1/2 day! If it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all!

It's overcast but nice here. Nothing too exciting going on, just work. There's 3 people out sick with the same thing that I had today so it seems to be making its round. Those of us who have had it hope it doesn't come back to us!!

Alicia - congrats on graduating! What are you studying?

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Val- I am at the Skill Center for the college. I am studying computer and office procedures so that I can get a good job. I have a disability and had trouble finding a good job. Vocational Rehabilitation sent me to the Skill Center to get me the skills I need. I am learning Microsoft Word, PowerPoint(I like this one!), and Excel. I also learn how to work the other office machinery. This program also helps people like mothers who are going back to work.
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Oh what a day, what a day!!! I've got kids everywhere, I am very unorganized today which is really unlike me. My daycare kids are misbehaving, and my own two are also fussy. I think the time change has something to do with it.

I hope everyone else is having a great day. Oh, Colby if you are reading this, the envelope came. Thanks
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Good afternoon to everyone

Certainly a protuctive day so far. I got out of bed at 7 on my day off(very rare) picked up a bit, went out to lunch with Brian's mom, took a very long drive(practicing) and now I'm getting ready to run my dog before it pours. I'll probably get rained on out in the woods but that's ok.

My cold is almost gone It feels so nice to breath through my nose again. Poor Debby I hope you feel better soon. Having a cold is the pits.

Congrats Alicia!! How exciting is it to finish something you've work so hard for.

Back to work tomarrow. I love my job and all but I hate the people I work with. They're so incompassionate towards the animals. It makes me not even want to be there except that they know they have a friend in me. Ok I know that sounded corny but that's how I look at it.:tounge2:

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day!!
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Alicia - Those are great skills to have no matter what you are doing. Office work can be fun and rewarding depending on your attitude. You just have to remember that no office will run at all without administrative staff, even if we are the lowest on the totem pole! That and be able to let things slide off your back. A lot of the attitudes that people bring to the admin staff aren't really directed at you. But seeing as you work at 7-11, I'm sure you already deal with cranky people!
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Actually, the manager's son has the worst customer service skills! When you work with customers, you have to be friendly no matter what! Smile and show them that you care about their needs. But no, this 18 year old senior only smiles at pretty girls and flirts with them(the girls do the same) One day, a lady went up to me and told me that she had asked hime where the cold medicines are since they were remodeling. Dan said, "I don't know" with a bad attitude. I was more than happy to help her. I whispered to her to call customer service and complain about him.

When customers come up to pay for their products and there is a long line, the cashiers would only say, "next!" like we where in a doctor's office or something. But I can't complain since he is the manager's son so he can do what he likes.
I told him once that instead of saying next, say "Can I help the next customer?" in a polite tone of voice. I don't know why he works there if he dosen't like working with those dumb customers. Sure, there are customers who can be a pain, but you have to smile and greet anyway and help them with what they need.
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Had lunch with my daughter at school today. She hasn't seen me since Friday and was very snuggly. But she didn't cry! This is VERY good.

It's sunny and the birds are chirping. I'm opening windows for my babies to smell the lovely outdoors and to cool off the apartment without using the AC - it's still cool at night and I end up putting the heat on later, so it's wasted effort. I'm hoping to finish up my paperwork in a bit, get the Want Ads from the Sunday paper on my way to pick up my daughter, and clean out the car this afternoon. Tacos for dinner if the hamburger defrosts.
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Nena-I hear you! I used to work at Target as a cashier/guest service and there were always a few people that I worked with that always seemed to be unhappy and they weren't polite to the customers. I always tried to be happy even when i wasn't in a good mood, but I was always polite and curteous to the customers, no matter what. That stinks that the guy is the manager's son, so theres nothing really that can be done. Have you talked to the manager about how rude he is?
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The manager knows that his son is really rude. I don't know why he won't fire him!
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Originally posted by Spooky
I always tried to be happy even when i wasn't in a good mood
You know, the most important thing (I think) I've learned so far in life (of course I haven't learned all that much, I'm only 24!), is that if you decide to be happy, it's pretty darn hard to be in a bad mood! And you know what, it's a whole lot more fun to be happy than grumpy, cranky, mad or sad.

And today, I'm not doing a whole lot. Sitting outside in the sun off and on ~ it's a beautiful day here in Washington. Sunny and relatively warm, so I'm trying to enjoy that while it lasts. Doing a litte homework but mostly I'm ahead in my classes. I go online so here I am in my classroom already in another window, all dressed up for school with unbrushed hair, white sweatshorts and red t-shirt with unmatching old blue slippers. Man, I love online classes! Gotta do dishes and clean out the fridge. Then tonight watch my beloved 7th Heaven. I loooove Mondays!
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Where is Debra Meyers lately? And Bodlover, stop playing games on that computer and post something! Heidi, I thought you were a teacher. Oh well, it won't be the first time I was wrong! I worked at various times with the public. The only thing worse than a rude salesperson is one who smiles at the public and treats the employees like dirt. I've worked with both! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Alicia. What a landmark! I went back to college in my forties after my youngest was in school; it had been my lifelong dream. Although I always kept active in music and teaching, I was able to give my children most of my time during their young years, and I'm very grateful for that. It's tough financially, but great if you can manage. Many women with children are forced into a career because of divorce and separation. I recommend every young woman to get her education before leaving home, but it can be done later. And it's a great joy to have the opportunity! My very best to you!
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