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Update on Bodi

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Bodi is now on sub-cutaneous lactated ringers to treat her chronic renal failure. The vet prescribed a starting dose that we'll hopefully back off in a few weeks as Bodi's serum BUN/creatinine levels go down. So far, Bodi's had one sub-q at the vet's and two at home. She's eating fancy feast to try to get weight on her; we'll try to move her over to kidney diet food later.
She's not quite herself. She's affectionate and will eat small amounts throughout the day, but it seems she's not grooming herself. She's Smelly Cat!

We're hoping that the treatment works for her -- apparently it doesn't for all kitties. We should know in a few weeks
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Hang in there Bodi! I really hope she does well. I hope your doing o.k. too!
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Good luck with Bodi. Hope she improves soon.
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turning into a pretzel - hoping all goes well!!
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I hope your cat will improve and have some quality time left with you.
Hang in there.
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Thanks to all for your continued good wishes

As of yesterday, I believe she turned the corner

She met me at the door when I came home for lunch and her appetite is better -- not where it was, but better. She still needs to gain some weight, and we're hopeful that her appetite will continue to improve as her BUN/creatinine levels go down from her sub-qs. She still doesn't like getting her sub-qs very much, but we're working on it!
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