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Beavis is BITING US!

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Ok i brought beavis home in early december. Hes my deceased FIL's cat 18 yrs old declawed neutered male. Hes always had a tendency to bite family members out of what they called spite. Hes been doing fine here in the house. I thought he was adjusting well. He and PB get along well and Beavis is more active now than he has ever been. Hes actually acting like a cat now. I actually got him to play with a cat toy for the first time in his life. My kids also know to leave Beavis alone as hes a elderly cat not used to kids.

We are moving Saturday so our upstairs living room is packed with boxes. Beavis doesnt like the sound that the packing tape makes so when im packing boxes he usually stays in our bedroom at the back of the house. No problems since we started packing 4 weeks ago.

Three days ago i was sitting in my desk chair working on my data entry for work and the kids were in bed and PB and Calista and the big dogs were all asleep. Beavis promptly came up and bit my arm. I have two nice puncture wounds and two long scratches where by instinct i pulled my arm away from him when he bit me. I cleaned and washed them good but they are still sore as all heck.

This morning my kids and I are sitting downstairs watching cartoons and my son is quietly laying on the floor rolling his trains around a track, minding his own business. He wasnt being loud or anything. Beavis walks into the room ( he usually will sit next to me on the couch when we are down there) and walks up to my son and lays into him. My son now has a HUGE mouthprint from beavis-- I didnt think Beavis broke the skin but my son came running to me a min ago and it was bleeding from all 4 puncture wounds. I cleaned it out really good again and put some antibiotic ointment on it.

WHY IS HE BITING US? I dont mind him biting me every once in awhile but he has NEVER bit a child. He just had a vet visit with a complete CBC and senior panel run. The only thing low was his platelets. We have been packing up stuff pretty much since i brought beavis home. I know since we are moving Saturday its going to throw off the balance of our household for all the animals but I dont know how much more of this biting i can take especially on my children. I love Beavis and will not get rid of him but I need some input as to why he is doing this! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
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This thread may be of some help:


It may be stressed induced becasue of the upheaval involved with boxes, tape, packing etc.
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This article may also be of some help:

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You said the 'only thing wrong' were his platelets. Well in a cat of his age, that can be a very serious sign of problems like leukemia, lymphoma, etc. I'd ask the vet to explain further, and if necessary to test him further. It may be nothing, but I would want to know more.
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I know Kandie (17.5) bites when she is in pain during weather changes... could this be>??
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