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Teeth chattering

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Do any or your cat's teeth chatter when they see birds?

I had heard of this before but have never seen my cats do it. This morning though Xavier was sitting in the window and he kept making a soft mew. I look over and his tail is wagging from side to side and he's looking out the window. I called his name and he didn't turn around so I walked over and here he is chattering away while he watched the birds. Very cute!
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I have had cats that make a particular sound when they watch birds tho' none of my boys now does. I knew it was called chattering (like monkeys chatter) but I didn't think it involved their teeth . . .
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Well I guess if their "talking" to the birds then it would just be chattering but his jaw was moving up and down and making a clicking noise. That's what I've heard it called.

Whatever it is it's awfully cute.
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Most of my cats, over the years, have made that noise, while watching birds, rabbits and ground squirrels. Opie doesn't do it, though. He, just slinks down low and whips his tail.
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yes!! that is a really freaky funny noice they make.
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I heard Merlin "chattering" to a fly that was buzzing around the lamp that he was intently watching... :LOL: It was cute!
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I haven't heard my babies chattering, but I am not up close to them when they are looking out the window. They do wag their tails like crazy though. It is so cute.
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My cat chatters at the (city) wildlife too. When I first heard it, I thought there was something wrong with the cat! He was chirping, chattering and shifting around. I went to the internet and did a quick search and found that this is a common thing - phew. He is particularly vexed by the big pigeons that sit on the balcony :disturbed.
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The only birds around my windows are the stupid pidgeons, and they barely come by. My babies make all kinds of noises when they see bugs, though! Ophelia sqeaks at them. It is so cute, and then they vie for position to try and catch it.

I just have to wonder, do the kitties think that making all that noise it somehow going to make the bugs/birds come closer? You would think they would want to be quiet, but maybe they just get too excited...
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Opie, also, lets out a squeaky, little meow at the end of a yawn. I've never had a cat do that, before.
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My kitties do this too! Its so adorable My kitten Kiri does it when snowflakes come close enough to the window that she thinks she can catch them. My other kitten Gypsy does it when I'm playing with them with the Laser pointer. Cats are such cool creatures :rainbow:
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I have one cat that does the teeth chattering when she see's birds while sitting in the window or looking out the door.

My sister-in-law has a cat that did the teeth chattering at her granddaugher; now the baby is 14 months old and the cat does not do it, but did until the baby was past 6 months old.
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Maybe she thought the baby was prey? :laughing2
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yes my angel,s teeth chatter when she see,s squirel,s
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My Noah does this. Cleo will squeak
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I read a filler, this eve, that stated that cats can make about 100 vocalizations, whereas dogs can, only, make about 10. I know that I've had numerous chatterbox cats.
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Yes both of my cats do this. They also make a 'barking' sound to accompany the chattering.

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three of my four cats will chatter. Luna has no real interest in the outdoors since I brought her inside for good so she hardly ever looks out the windows at the birds.
Twig is the most vocal chatterer. He just LOVES to watch the birds...
Rocket will chatter on occassion, not to much though. Isis chatters a little which surprises me since she is such a skittish and shy cat.
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