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just an idea

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i know there the crossing the bridge forum. but theres a place called in memory of pets where you put a tribute to your pet there or light a candle and it's there foever. you even get to pick back ground music. the site is so wonderful. i think there should be a link to that site or something like it here. i don't know how to add the link.
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I agree with your idea about adding either a link or something more permant to the Crossing the Bridge forum. You might want to PM Debra Myers with your idea. It's become difficult for our webmaster, Anne, to respond to questions in this forum right now, because she lives in Israel where it's really scary, and also has a new baby at home.
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That's a nice idea. What you can do is compile a list of links and then ask Debra to stick that post at the top of the CTB forum.
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Hi,.Even though,I am very new here,.I sure do like the idea about more for our loved ones,.with background music,.and all,.in memory of....trying to remember the good times,..and how we were loved,.we are blessed,to have the memories,.Also,.I think this forum is great!!!!I trully enjoy it,.Thanks so much,for being there for us.
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HI,.lets just say that I am VERY LEARY of people that dislike cats,.cats are usually pretty good judge of people,.just my opinion,.everyone has one....right?I do so love my cats,.they are such rare little ones,.right now,.my Sheba is pretty ill,.I have just found out that she has been Over-Wormed!!!!so,.in a few days,.she should be alot better,.and surely not needing to be wormed so quite some time,She sure is a lovable cat,.even with my persian!!!!I was shocked,.they haven't even known each other a wk!!!!!None of them fight,.they "talk" loudly to one another sometimes,.but thats about all..I am so happy!!!!
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