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Originally Posted by hissy
The only cats in my large group that are overly responsive to being scratched by the base of the tail, and showing Elevator Butt are my males.

My question is, do your cats respond to this stimulus and if they do, are they male or female?
My females Joji and QT respond more than Skinny and Wawa.
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Originally Posted by sofiecusion
Summer does, so did all of the cats I had growing up.

When my neighbor's cat is scratched at the base of the tail, he not only does "elevator butt", he also licks the air all around him or your clothing if close enough very quickly. It seriously is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

I would love to see that!
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Squee has major elevator butt, so much that she falls on your face if you're scritching her on her back near her tail. I wonder what that means
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Dr Claw (male) will do this all the time.... the other two boys not as much!
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Both of my boys have semi-elevator butt, but Ripley, my sassy torti female, has hyper-elevator butt. You scratch down by her tail, and that fanny salutes!!!!!!!!
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Sho loves the base of his tail scratched, he'll bug company to scratch him or if you're scratching try to maneuver you into scratching him there. He's a bit obsessive about it. And of course, up goes the butt every time.

I've had a female cat that would do that to the extent that she would lose her balance and tip forward.

Here's a question, any one have cats the do the opposite? When you scratch above their tail they'll squat and sometimes try to waddle away while you're scratching. It's hilarious to watch.
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Charlie responds more than Jazzy does. I actually think it was more the boys who had the elevator butt in the past. And we havent had as many girls.
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Cleo and Maggie both have elevator butt. Lola, not so much. We always called it that when I was growing up too! Love that phrase!
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Happens with all three of my girls
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LOL Cute name for it!

With Alley, I wasn't allowed to pet past the middle of her back so she didn't do it. She would turn around and nip at me if I touched her butt!
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3 male elevator butts and 1 female, the other 2 females could really care less about it.
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Our girls Pearl and Sassy seem to like it better than any of our boys! Sassy in particular... but then, she's a shameless hedonist from the get-go...
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Both of my girl kitties raise their back ends when you scratch the base of their backs by their tail. I don't know why, but it's a common occurance with cats. All of the cats I have ever had have done that.
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Rofl this is the funniest term I have ever heard for the pose bum to the air!! Elevator butt lol I love it!!
Not only does Sarah have an elevator butt, if I am at face level with her she will turn and face her bum in my face after I have scratched her elevator butt!
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most cats respond to this stimulus if I recall rightly, because that's where there are a lot of nerves. (This is if my translation from Danish to English serves me right). Sometimes they choose to ignore it and slink away, but most should show elevator butt. But apparenlty being scratched there too long or too often can become more of an irritation than pleasure for them.

Both my girls are elevator butt girls!
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Wow this thread is old!

Sonic does it, but Radar doesn't. Radar will sink down and scoot along the ground on his belly if you touch his back and he's not in the mood for it!
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