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Elevator Butt- This is a serious question

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The only cats in my large group that are overly responsive to being scratched by the base of the tail, and showing Elevator Butt are my males.

My question is, do your cats respond to this stimulus and if they do, are they male or female?
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Sunday does - she loves it. And she is female, of course.

My girlfriend's male ginger tom Max really, really loves it. He loves to be petted there really vigourously, although Sunday doesn't like it too boisterous. She does really respond, though. She can be fast asleep and the minute you touch her there she's up and drooling and head-butting.

Elevator-butt is a perfect way to put it! That's EXACTLY what she looks like!
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Every cat I've ever had, male or female had "elevator butt".

Good term for it!
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Elevator butt!!! I love it!

Out of my 8 kitties, 3 male and 5 female..... all of them love it and have elevator butt!
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Lol my male cat has a bigger elevator butt reaction than my females. On the other hand Mama isn't fixed so she goes nuts any time you pet below the waist.
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Of the four female and two male kitties who own me, all 6 respond with the elevator butt but Milo (a male) responds the most, often toppling over in his ecstacy!
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teuf does more than kaylee
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Stormy (female) does that!

One of nieces cats do as well. He'll raise his rump up so high, he falls on his face!!
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I have had 2 females that do that!
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All four of my cats do it.. they are all males

My aunts cat doest it as well, she's a female.
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Ok shoots my theory down so thanks guys
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Maverick does and shes a female.
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All four (2 female, 2 male) have elevator butts. A cute term.
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Sadie & Dexter both have Elevator Butts.
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Both my girls exhibit elevator butts in response to this stimulus!
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The height of the "elevator" is more pronounced with my males, but my girl Scarlett clearly has an elevator also. I'd judge the boys to be 2 stories high while Scarlett is a single story high.
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Jack hates that scritching point... and tries to nip at me when I do scritch him there... but JoJo...

She loves it. She doesn't always do Elevator Butt, but on occasion... yes she does. Over the years many of the family cats, both male and female love it and do EB. We've been calling it Elevator Butt for years now... I'm surprised others haven't heard that term...

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All eight of mine are an elevator butt riser!! 2 females and 6 males!!!
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4 elevator butts - all boys!
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I just realized MA...how could any question that contains the words "elevator butt" be a serious question?
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Harley does this as well, I always laugh when I scratch him there and he does that
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Elevator butt! All our cats do this, but I have noticed our two males always respond like this, but the 3 females sometimes don't.

Our feral girl has to be pretty relaxed to give us an "elevator butt", though she will do it sometimes.
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Poodle raises her rump pretty high, but not so much with Flibbo. Poodle is a girl, Flibbo a boy. (I like that term....elevator butt te-he!)
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"elevator butt" hadn't heard that term before.
Pushy does that too, but Wiggies doesn't (both males).
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All 4 of our cats do that. Also, on our two adults, if you scratch them just right it will cause spontaneous licking.

Forgot to mention he have three males and 1 female. All respond the same way.
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My stalker kitty is so bad that she finds hanging cords to do her butt when I'm not available. There's been alot of things mysteriously unplugged around here.
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Gracie does...we call it her "butt button". She's my little calico baby girl!
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Elevator butt!! I've never heard it referred to as that!!...Reilly does it when you pet him there and so does my mom's cat Simmie (she is a female)..her tail also vibrates or shakes like a cobra's tail when you pet her!
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Hmmmmm.....thats interesting!!
All 3 of mine ENJOY it.
2 females and 1 male.
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My ladies both have it the older one a much more severe case
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