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OMG I just saw this tonight! Please know that Cathi and all your family are in my prayers.
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Thanks for the updates. Sending lots of magic and thoughts Cathi's way.
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Just catching up with this thread - so very sad to hear about this. I don't know Cathi, as I am just a n00b here. She responded to my Real Mouse poll about a week ago.

I have read some of her 3,961 posts, and it is very clear that she has made a terrific impact on everyone here for a very long time. Cathi sounds like a wonderful and caring person, and way too young to have these kind of health problems. One never knows, I guess.

Sending vibes, and prayers, and good thoughts to her and the entire family that recovery is near.
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Bumping this thread up in case anyone's missed it. Please keep us posted, Carla and David. Sending hugs to you both, and one to Cathi too.
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Lots of prayers heading Cathi's way!
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Cathi is in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you for the update!
Cathi you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Carla and David you are in my thoughts an prayers as well that you continue to find the strenght and courage to help your sister and to hold each other up. Stay strong!
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Oh CAthi.........
you has my thoughts and my prayers yet!
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Sending many prayers Cathi's way
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Thank you both for keeping us updated on Cathi's condition. Please know that there is a ton and a half of love and prayers being sent from around the world to Cathi's bedside, including both of you and Ken as well.
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My prayers are with Cathi. Words just don't seem like enough, but the Lord can do wonderful things and He does hear our prayers.
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Thanks for the updates...

i PM to Cathi just a week plus or so ago when i saw her post... i told her how much i missed seeing her post around these days and told her how much i miss seeing oscar's pics.. she promised me once she feels better she will post some of oscar's pics... cathi, be strong, meow meow and boy boy are still waiting for oscar's pics... all of us here in TCS are waiting for you to post again...

sending you lots more of positive vibes.... wake up.. all of us are waiting for you...
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Oh, my! Prayers and good thoughts are on their way to your family!
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Lots and lots of healing vibes for Cathi! TCS board magic can do wonders!
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Thank you for keeping us updated during such a stressful time. So many here care-
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Carla and David, thank you so much for the updates. Cathi has a continuous flow of vibes coming to her from me and my crew. Hugs to you both, and scritches to Cathi's fur crew.
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Cathi, you remain in my prayers and on my heart. You will get through this.
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Prayers and thoughts still with you all.
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Thanks for the updates Carla.
Be strong and hang in there.
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Cathi...you have so many loving people praying for you.
Expect a miracle
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We have not gone anywhere and we're
holding steady with prayers!!!

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The heart Dr has said that Cathi's heart has suffered some damage but there is enough undamaged that it can keep pumping blood on its on. So they will be taking her off the medicine to keep it pumping at a steady rate. but we haven't heard from the test done today on her brain. The one test we did hear about there is some swelling of the brain which may be what is making her twitch. Hopefully it something that will subside with time and healing.

I tell her constately that she has to wake up. That she has to go home and see about her furbabies. They miss her and want her home. I mess with her feet which is a most times nothing happens and they are cold. Tonight they are warm, hot even enough that I call the nurse and ask if she has a fever. The nurse said it is running 99 where it has been 100 and up. She even said she checked it 3 times to make sure. Just got to make sure thou just got to keep her comfortable.

Do I dare hope that this is a sign that she is getting better or just another problem that has cropped up for her. Oh well off to bed to wait for morning and what the day brings. Hugs to all
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Thanks for the update. All that above sounds like decent progress. Vibes are continuous.
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Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Your entire family is in my prayers.
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Thank you for the update, Carla. It does sound as if we can be cautiously optimistic, though we know of course that Cathi has a long row to hoe. We're all here for her, and for you and the family, as you support her. It's not easy to stay strong, but you will, for her... Many prayers, and lots of love...
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Thank you for the updates, Carla!

You are all continually in my heart and thoughts! You know, sometime soon, Cathi will get fed up of you tickling her feet and sit up to shout at you - you'll never live it down!

Sending lots of continued Healing }}}VIBES{{{ to Cathi and lots of Calming and Strength }}}VIBES{{{ to you and your family!
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Cathi sweetie, sending you mega healing vibes from across the pond from me and the girls

Wake up soon, we want you back on the site
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Thank you for the update. Cathi is still very much in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending you and your family hugs and strength vibes.
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Thank you for the update Carla. Cathi has so many prayers and vibes headed her way that hopefully your future updates will be happier and happier . We continue our vigil in hopes of Cathi's continued improvement.
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thanks for keeping us updated oh you must be going thru hell prayers still going out to all of you and the furbabies!!!
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