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Good wishes from AZ.
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Oh no
Please tell Cathi I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Cathi is having a bad time. Get well vibes coming from over here. Please let us know how she's doing - I hope that she recovers really soon.
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Many get well vibes and prayers going out to Cathi, you and your family
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Get well soon Cathi!
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Praying for your sis! May she have a quick recovery.
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Oh no!

Cathi is in my prayers, and you too Carla

Thank you so much for letting us know.
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That's just terrible. Your family is in my thoughts and I'm praying for a full and speedy recovery.
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Sending prayers that all turns out well and sending support to help you through this terrible event.
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I'm sending loads of "get well" vibes Cathi's way. I will definitely be keeping her in my thoughts.
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I'm just reading this now, thanks Carla and spideycat(sorry forgot your name!) for keeping us filled in.

Cathi, you mean the world to us here at TCS. I am mustering all my vibes to come your way so that you have a quick recovery.
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Sending many healing vibes and prayers to you and your family.
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and healing vibes to you and your family! How awful..
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Hi all Carla here. I have been to the hospital to see Cathi. There have been no changes since last nite. She is still out of it. The Drs have her on a Ventilator and a heart monitor machine along with other stuff. Her fever is up and the white blood count is high. The Drs have said it is a waiting game and time will tell. So keep the prayers and healing vibes coming. Thanks for the love and support coming our way. David (spideycat) says to say thanks also. I will be smiling for her also but not sure if she will see it. all of it is a little overwhelming for me. so understand if it is a touch confusing in the info line.

I am sure that Oscar, Sammycat, Ceasar, Tala, Dakota, Nakita are like totally confused and missing meowmy also cause she left and did not come back home last nite. So Lots of headbutts and purrs from Oscar and The Sammycat to Chuckie, Spyder, Winnie, Stormy, Crystal and Francine. for thinking of them.

Got to go for now. More to come later when I know more. bye for now.
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In my prayers!!!!
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: Get well soon Cathi!

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I just read this, please know my prayers are added to all the other prayers, good vibes and wishes for health, pouring from all the folks here at TCS.
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Oh Gosh, I just now saw this and I'll be thinking of her and sending healing and calming vibes to her and you all!
Headbutts to the kitties from all of mine, saying don't worry it'll be ok, your meowmy will be back soon!
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All of you are in our prayers. Get well, Cathi. Lots of folks are pulling for you!
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OMG! Loads of prayers and vibes coming from Alabama for Cathi to make a full, speedy recovery, for Carla, David and the rest of the family for strength and peace, and calming vibes for her furry babies!!
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Sending lots of prayers and get well vibes for Cathi!
And for Oscar, Sammycat, Nakita, Caesar, Tala and Dakota, my gang share your concern and send lots of calming vibes.
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OMG! Carla and David, I'm sending mega healing vibes Cathi's way. I'll definitely keep her in my thoughts. to both of you and lots of scritches and pets to her fur crew.
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I will be praying for her and for some peace for you and your family too!
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Big hugs to you and your family, Carla. Cathi, I'm praying for you. You're such a strong woman, and I know you will beat this.
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OMG!!! How awful!!! My kitties and I are sending vibes your way!!!
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I'm so sorry to hear this. She's so young for this to happen. I send many thoughts and prayers to Cathi and your family. I hope she recovers from this.
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My thoughts go out to her and your family
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We are still with you, Cathi, every step of the way in prayer and strength for your health. We will not subside. Thank, you, Carla, for the update. It must be very tiring and every moment is critical. Tonight, we will light candles for her, and put her on the prayer books in our Ward and all through Salt Lake City.
Elizabeth & Eric and all of us~~~
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Thanks every body for all your support. Cathi had a massive Heart attack and it took more than 30 minutex to get it restarted we don't know if her brain was damaged yet her heart rate and blood pressure has inproved as well as her breathing, she is breathing on her on most of the time but she is still comatos. Cathi is in for a long and hard recovery. Here hoping that will still have the same sister that I once had. Forgive my spelling it hard to see to type with tears in my eyes.
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but i will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. i hope everything goes o.k. for you all!
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