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grouchy females or something more???

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Hi All-
Within the past month or so Lilly (female, mother of 3) started hissing and batting at her 3 babies (well they're not babies anymore, going on 6 months...but anywho) whenever they walk by her, approach her or even look at her. She hisses at the 'offender' and if they don't walk away (9 times outta 10 they'll sit and stare at her like she's crazy) she'll run up to them give 'em a whack and run away. She never hurts any of the 'wee ones' just lets them know "leave me alone!" She only exhibits this behavior when she is in heat (fyi: she is due to be spayed in a few weeks YAY!!) and I am assuming she does this out of natural instincts... pushing the 'old babies' away to prepare for the new. That and to send them out on their own so to speak.... Now all well and good but a funny thing started to happen about 3 or so weeks ago, the oldest of the babies (fyi: all are litter mates), Sidney (also female) started hissing and growling at her brother (Sven, recently neutered 2 days ago... I know that he smells differently so that is not helping Sidney out in the least, my point is that Sidney's behavior started 3 weeks prior to Sven getting fixed) and sister (Stella).... Sidney hisses and growls at only her 2 siblings never her mother. However the hissing and growling is becoming more and more frequent, she now does it whenever Sven and Stella are in the same room as she! I would like to add that Sidney does not his or growl at our male toy poodle, Ozzie (he has been around and been their buddy since the day they were born (and even when their mom came to join the family as a baby!)... as far as the cats are concerned Ozzie is just part of the group and Ozzie sees them in the same light.) Sidney does not exhibit the behavior to any of her human companions and is always super affectionate and well behaved. My concern is that this behavior of Sidney's will become 'violent' towards her siblings if it is not corrected soon. I would like to know how to properly approach and handle this situation and what the underlying cause could be. Any information or suggestions that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Have a good one!!
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Hi Amanda, welcome to TCS.

Ooookay, it's a bit confusing, so:

Lilly (mother of previous litter. Grumpy with previous litter.
Previous litter - Sidney, Sven Stella. Sidney grumpy with Sven and Stella.

I think it's probably time to have EVERYONE spayed and neutered. It's good Lilly is being done in a couple of weeks. Stella and Sidney need to be fixed also as, at 6 months, they are most likley experiencing their first heat and can become pregnant if they get outside or come into contact with a Tom.

With all these hormones flying around, is it any wonder that the cats are on edge with each other. When you say, "pushing the 'old babies' away to prepare for the new", is Lilly pregnant again? I don't think Sidney will ever become violent towards her siblings but having her (and Stella) spayed will definitely help calm things in the house. After that's done, you might want to invest in a feliway plug-in.
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Link for the Feliway plug-in:

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Hello there Kumbulu!
Thanks for the link for the plug-in, I'm definatly considering ordering one or two!
Anywho, just to clear things up... Lilly the mom, is not pregnant again... I just generalized a phrase for the explanation of her behavior (definatly could have worded it a bit better, oops!)
Sideney and Stella have already been scheduled to be spayed the week following Lilly being spayed (I thought I put that in the OP but I guess I forgot We just wanted to get Sven neutered first seeing as he is the only male in a house with 3 females, that way no mishaps could occur.
I was also curious to know if there are any previous posts or articles concerning how to properly train your cats. Seeing as feline personalities/mentalities differ greatly from dogs and other animals, I would like to have a solid understanding of what a cat's M.O is and how to properly approach behavior issues and how to correct/fix them.
Thanks again for your help, advice and the warm welcome!
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On the home-page (http://www.thecatsite.com/) there are some links (coloured red) that will link you to articles about cats. That's a good place to start. Other than that, do a general surf around the site. There is lots of great information about cats. Also, at the top of every forum, you'll find 'stickied' posts (posts that are stuck to the top). These are also very good sources of information.
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