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What did/do you wear to school?

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Having started the `What do you wear to work' thread, I thought an even more interesting one would be what you wear/wore to school!

In Australia there are very few schools that don't have a compulsory uniform, although the interpretation of that tends to be widespread and varied.

In high school, at my first school we wore canary yellow skirts, straight or pleated, with white button up shirts or t-shirts, and a bottle-green cardigan or jumper. It was bright but kinda cool.

At my second high school, the colours were blue - navy skirts (again straight or pleated) with lighter blue shirts or t-shirts, a blue and red tie if you wanted (but only if you were in year 11 or 12), navy blue jumpers, or rugby tops with your academic colours on them, and occasionally a navy blue blazer. The girls also wore navy blue tights because it got really cold in winter. Lots of us wore the tie, but never done up tight, and it really was more of a fashion statement!!

What did you wear??
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Ooh, this'll be a fun one. Everyone will get to laugh secretly at me,

I usually wear ordinary jeans, blue or black, or when it is warm kaki cargo shorts.

When it is not too warm, i wear two shirts, a button-up open over a t-shirt. Now for the interesting part. One of the shirts always clashes with the other, and the outer is often pink or purple with or without flowers, the inner shirt very tight, usually with some sort of design on it.

And nobody forget, i am a guy.
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To school we didnt have to wear uniforms. Just regualr clothes. Nothing that shows tummy or booty.
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva
What did you wear to school?
I wore clothes... every single day... I wore clothes.
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LOL at Ryan. I went to public school and there was an enforced dress code until I was Junior in high school.
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Here the public (or state) schools are the opposite to the US - your public is the equivalent to our private, and yes, our private schools have VERY strict compulsory uniform policies.

I have to say I don't necessarily agree with letting students at school where whatever they want. (Although I didn't grow up in the States so I can't really make an educated observation). I just think a lot of the competition we already have to deal with as kids and teenagers would have been made a lot worse by not having to all wear the same thing to school.

A uniform tends to equalise everyone at least to some extent, anyway.
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My own clothes. We don't have school uniforms or strict dress codes here at all. Neither do we really have private schools, just a handful for special student groups.
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A royal blue jumper with a swan on it and the shortest skirt/highest heels we could get away with! lol

We had a uniform, i wasnt a swan loving freak or anything!
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I went to school in australia so i went to private schools both for primary and high schools. Both catholic and both strict on uniforms!

I infact still wear my highschool jumper around the house.. its in one of my pics!
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I've been to almost as many schools as there are school years but the one that stands out for me is a dark brown tunic over a light yellow shirt with a blue tie, brown jumper, brown stockings and browner shoes. And woe betide if you were caught without your hat on when in public! I was a bit of a square in high school so my socks were pulled up and my tie was straight. I still see girls wearing the uniform and it's just so BROWN.
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School uniform, blue pleated kilt skirts (which were changed to green and red in my final year - yuk), white shirt, blue tie with house coloured stripes, and a blue sweater (and sweatshirt in house colours in our final year).
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Until I was in 7th grade, girls weren't allowed to wear pants to school. For the most part, I wore skirts and blouses, picked out by my mother. Knee socks and loafers were perennial shoe styles.

Once we were allowed to wear pants, I was in jeans or bell-bottoms, most of the time. Since it was the 70s, I either wore sneakers or platform shoes.
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Never had uniforms in school, which is something I was always grateful for! There were dress codes of course, but my high school was notoriously laid-back (located directly on A-1-A, the road right next to the beach, was named Seabreeze HS and our mascot were the Fightings SANDCRABS) so dress codes were rarely enforced. I almost always wore a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops. It pretty much IS the dress code for that area!
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I have to say I don't necessarily agree with letting students at school where whatever they want. (Although I didn't grow up in the States so I can't really make an educated observation). I just think a lot of the competition we already have to deal with as kids and teenagers would have been made a lot worse by not having to all wear the same thing to school.

A uniform tends to equalise everyone at least to some extent, anyway
Yeah I agree with that. I was always glad for a uniform at high school, 'cos we were poor and didn't have the trendy clothes that you NEED at high school!
In NZ, most schools had a uniform, at least up to the senior year, wether they were private or public.

You know you're getting old when: I see the girls from the local Catholic high school hanging out in their tiny skirts pulled as high as they can get away with, and I just shake my head and say "aren't they cold? Why don't they wear some nice thick stockings?"
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I attended a Catholic high school, and we wore navy blue jumpers (the dress kind, not a sweater) over light blue blouses, navy knee socks or tights, and saddle shoes. I didn't mind having to wear a uniform, since I never had to decide what to wear to school, and could spend a little more on "dressy" clothes, but I hated those shoes.
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My mother was my dress code, and her rules weren't about modesty (I was plenty modest on my own) -- they were about STYLE. My mom has always been a gorgeous woman, and she's always worn timeless classic styles, so she tried to teach me to do the same. In high school, I was always in stockings and heels, never pants except when building sets for a play or something. I wore full makeup every day, rolled my hair, the works. It was just the way I was raised.

Sadly, I've backslid since then...
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Uniform all the way. Navy blue tunic, white blouse, white or navy knee socks or tights, dark shoes. I went to public schools in Quebec in the 50s and 60s -- everybody wore uniforms, with the exception of about a week at the end of the school year, when it was getting warm -- but even then what you wore had better fit within the dress code implied by the uniform. I'm still grateful for the uniform. As at least one other poster said, we didn't have a lot of $$$, and the competition would have been tough.
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I only went to a Catholic school for preschool, and the preschoolers didn't have uniforms.

Basically I wore jeans and t-shirts or something along thoes lines. I've always been a more casual dresser. Although from about 10th grade on I worke boots or something non-sneaker type shoes. Oh what I would give to dress that way for work! I went nuts with a sale at old navy this weekend on fleeces and things....I wanna wear em every day!
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mostly jeans and a sweater, sweatshirt, tee shirt... stuff like that
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I went to private hight school, so our uniform code was strict - we even had to buy it from a specific shop!!

We had to wear a black a-line or pleated skirt, knee high or ankle socks or black tights, a white blouse with black and white tie (or open necked blouse for summer - without tie), black jumper or cardigan with the school logo in white. We also had to wear our blazers, but had to take it off when we arrived at school! We were also not allowed to wear any jewellery except one pair of gold studs!! Oh yeah and small heels, if any, on our shoes!

We would roll our skirts up, but rarely got away with it! I would also wear my hair down to hide all my ear rings!!
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I went to a public (non fee paying) high school. We wore (the girls that is) a tie - blue and gold stripe, white shirt tucked in and blue pleated skirt. It started below the knee in year 8 and by the last year just covered the bum.
I went to lots of primary schools and most didn't have a uniform.

Now I wear 3/4 lenght pants, skirts, blouse etc I used to dress really daggy. I've lost weight and try and wear nice (dare I say sexy) clothes.

The most important thing is to wear nice undies. If you wear sexy undies you just feel better looking!! And no one else know why you are smiling!!
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example of my strange dressing: Right now, before school i am wearing a bright orange Auburn university t-shirt under a bright red and white pinstripe button-up open, and black jeans.
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I went to public school.. so sadly no uniforms.. I prayed everday for uniforms, beacause we couldn't afford the "trendy" clothes that everyone else was wearing.. sadly uniforms never happened.
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I spent 12 years wearing school uniforms.
In high school it was a grey skirt, white blouse (with the school emblem on the pocket), and a navy blazer.
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i went to a private school from k-8 and I wore the choice of gray or navy skirts with a white button down shirt. probably from k-5 I had to wear gray or navy jumpers.

and actually, the reason I dyed my hair bright pink the summer before highschool was that so my mother couldn't send me to a private hs in my area because I was sooo sick of uniforms. She had bought my uniforms and pd tuiton, etc, and I was such a brat that I dyed my hair and was then sort of forced to go to public school. And then I had so many fashion changes that I can't even describe my style. I think if I had to do it again I would have went to the private school.

In college I wasn't the sweat pants wearing type or the dressed up type, but mostly jeans and a tank top in summer or a sweater in winter.
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