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How long to wait before force feeding?

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Henry hasn't eaten anything since coming home from the vet, and I doubt she ate anything earlier today either, so it's probably been close to 24 hrs since she's had anything. Should I give her a little more time, or do I need to force some into her now?
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What was Henry at the vet for? When meowser got neutered, he was not allowed to eat anything for the previous 12 hours, and then he didn't feel like eating anything when he got home. Try to entice your kitty to eat with canned tuna and meat flavored baby food.
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If you read this article it may help you find what you need.
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You should call the vet and ask him. Opal didn't eat for 2 days when she had a URI, but she drank water. Is he drinking water?
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See this thread for why she was at the vet:

She had zero interest in the fancy feast, but I did get some Nutro pate into her with a syringe last night. She wouldn't eat it herself but did lick her lips when I got it into her mouth, LOL. She's looking and I assume feeling MUCH better today, but neither she nor her brother will eat! I wonder if Jack is just upset because he knows something's wrong with Henry? They've both used the litter box at least...I don't think either of them is drinking much either. I've got some food out and I think Henry might have taken a tiny bite or two but I'll probably have to force feed here again here. Jack did just eat a treat I gave him...might have to force feed him too. I have to go get a better syringe.

I do have a can of tuna...I'll have to try that. Will get some baby food too.
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I would check in with your vet tomorrow, and try to get at least something into her tonight - is it possible her tongue is still sore (took a quick look at your other thread)?

Try pureeing her favorite cat food, using warm water to thin it, and see if she'll lap some of it up.

You can also offer her some plain (no onions or garlic used when cooking it) boiled chicken broth.

A High calorie supplement that you can find at petsmart is nutri-cal.

best wishes with her (and check her brother to see if perhaps he's developing the same problem re tongue ulcer?)
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Argh! Jack still isn't eating. Maybe it's just because he got upset about Henry being gone? After we got home from the vet yesterday I put her alone first in the bathroom then my bedroom so I could see whether she was eating and using the litterbox. Today I thought they were missing each other so I let her out...after feeding her with a syringe last night, she did eat some Fancy Feast and I think a little kibble on her own, then I heard her playing with the treat bag and I gave her some and she gobbled down seven of them before I decided that was enough, even if she wasn't eating much else. So far today as far as I've seen all Jack has eaten is one treat. He isn't interested in kibble or either of the wet foods I've put out, nor will he do more than sniff at treats now. Guess I'll break out the tuna. He isn't showing any other signs of a problem, so hopefully it was just the separation bothering him and he'll start gobbling down like normal soon. I just checked his mouth and can't see any sign of a problem.

ETA: Whew! Never say it doesn't pay to complain. After I posted this i walked over to the room where the kitty food is and both of them followed me and started eating some kibble. Praise the Lord! Except for a couple more doses of meds hopefully all is back to normal.
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