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We got Stone last month. We went to the shelter to look for our lost cat Monday. My wife thought it was Monday and we brought him home and realized it was not him. We could not bring him back and put an ad in the paper to see if anyone lost him. No one called and we have a new cat.
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He's a cutie!! I love tiger stripped kittys! Very stricking facial features!
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Awwwww, he's adorable!

And that is a pretty nice couch!
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Well, he is just beautiful!! Congratulations on your new kitty - and I hope you find Monday, too!
Does Stone have extra fingers?
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hes big lol
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Stone sure is a lucky boy! I hope you find Monday, too!
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He's a handsome big boy!! Happy in his new home!!
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Pretty boy. I love his nice round face. Good luck finding Monday. Maybe you can call this one Tuesday
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Handsome kitty!!
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My previous picture was too big so I will put a few more on.He is getting along with his new friends when it comes to milk.
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Awww...Such a cute kitty!
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Congratulations on your new kitty! Hope you find Monday.
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