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15 years ago..

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I know it's a long time, but I've found a spot to express Tiger's death, it was aweful, I was 5 at the time and I had my first kitty ever, we had him for a few months but I was already extremely attached...(as kids do)

One day my dad and I were walking out the door to go to school and Tiger ran outside, I ran after him and just as he got out in the street a speeding car passed by and ran him over...

I was 5 and witnessed my first baby getting run over, I still think about him all the time and I still miss him, I had so many nightmares you wouldn't believe.

From that day forth I vowed to always make sure my kitties stay inside. Now I have 4 beautiful babies and the two adults came from living outside lives, but they will never have to live day by day hoping to get something to eat, and I will NEVER let them out. I wish I had pictures of Tiger, I'd show him off.

So many people debate on whether to let their cats out or not, but for me, and that traumatic experience, it's never going to be a debate in my heart, and I am so passionate about it, I don't like to force my opinions on people, but this is one opinion that I must express.

Thanks for listening.

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I am so sorry you witnessed the death of your sweet Tiger. God bless your heart and give you peace. I know you have a fierce love for your pets now and they are very fortunate to have someone who cares so much about their well being.
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RIP sweet Tiger. There is little worse than guilt about losing our little friends. Try to forgive yourself first, and enjoy the happier memories of your little baby.
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What a terrible thing for a five year old to have to witness. Don’t blame yourself for the accident – just remember the good times with Tiger and the time when you’ll see him again. It looks like you have four wonderful kitties, now. Enjoy them as they will enjoy living with you, and make a lot of happy memories.

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Thanks you guys, I really appreciate it..

And I really do enjoy my 4 now, they complete me But I will never have another kitty named Tiger...That one is taken
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oh Ash, I am so sorry to read this, i can only imagine how devestating this must of been for you, especially at such a young age.

Tiger will be waiting for you
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What a horrible experience for you to witness But please don't blame yourself.

RIP Tiger, you made a little girl very happy in the time she knew you
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i had a similar experience when i was five. on christmas day we were having a party and the screen door broke. my aunt broke it and my puppy sadie ran outside, I don't remember how old she was but she was very young. I ran after her and she got hit by a car.

it has been 9 years since that happened RIP Sadie

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Dear Ash and Cassidy -

How difficult for you both to have witnessed the death of your beloved pets while you were so young.

You must treasure your current pets even more from these experiences.

Surely Tiger and Sadie knew they were loved and still treasure your love and still love you.
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I'm so very sorry this happened to you. Rest in peace sweet Tiger, he's just happily waiting for you to join him someday now, free from any pain.
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