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Happy winter horses!!

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My horses are a MESS right now. They are fuzzy, since they have their heavy winter coats right now...especially Leana, whose coat is longer than the cats', and almost as thick. She's a fuzzy bear!!
Anyway, here are the big girls.

Cloud, my dad's horse, who loves the mud...because it sticks to her white hair. She's supposedly a Tennessee Walking Horse, but isn't registered.


Still dirty, but not quite as bad. Can't wait for spring time so I can give her a bath!!

Clouds's spots- she's a high-white sabino pinto, so she has these spots all over. I think they're cute.

Here is my horse, Leana. She's a prissy Arabian, so she doesn't get as muddy.

They're buddies. Leana has sawdust all over her face from her post-ride roll.

And Buck, my trail buddy. He's my dad's Rottweiler-Lab mix. Best trail dog ever.
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Wow, your horses are so pretty! I do love Cloud's spots, too. And your trail buddy there is pretty cute.
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Awww! The horses are beautiful! And I wanna give Buck a big hug! He's cute!!!
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You can't even see my guys in the winter, they are so muddy they blend right in to the pasture! Thankfully though, they are dark colored. I can't even imagine what a chore it is to keep a white horse white in the wintertime~
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Aww, thanks guys! I love to show off my mares.

hehe Well, as you can see, a white horse CAN'T be kept white in the winter! LOL My dad just got Cloud in October to keep Leana company when I moved her to the farm, so this is my first white horse experience. The good thing is, she REALLY enjoys grooming time. Cloud is going to get a nice long bath with whitening shampoo come spring!!

Buck really is the best trail dog ever. He knows not to get too close to the horse, he stops when the horse stops, he sits when he's told, he comes when he's called, he doesn't bark...he's great! And such a sweety-pie...he's a dog's dog.
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Love the pictures of your horses (mud and all).

When I was a teenager I had a horse and a springer spaniel. Every day after school we would take off riding - nothing better than hanging out with your horse and dog.
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