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Excessive Shedding...

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My 3 year old, fixed female (domestic short hair) seems to be dropping a lot of hair lately. I purchased an undercoat brush because I felt like a top coat brush wasn't getting everything. Even with the undercoat, strands of loose fur will build where I stop petting her.

Should I be concered or could it possibly be the weather? I had another cat before that would shed excessively year round and nothing seemed to help her. I even considered buying her stuff I found in a pet store that you add to their food that was supposed to help the shedding (I never did get it though, I just dealt with her shedding).
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What is she eating???

I had trouble with shedding before premium foods " truely" ...
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Well, the cat that would shed all year long had passed a couple years ago...as far as the cat with the problem now, I feed her Kit and Kaboodle or Deli Cat (its pretty much what she's been fed all her 3 years). She is extremely picky over food and she really seems to enjoy these 2 brands.
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You need to go to a pet store be it a small local one or a Petsmart or petco... the likely culprit here is diet ... you are giving her what many consider to be mcdonalds for cats... right now she is getting so little omega 6 ie linolec acid she would shed all the time...

check your ingrediants
corn wheat by product s colors and preservatives are in there .... My picky cat liked Eagle pack and Nutros Max cat
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I didn't think of the diet being the problem but it makes sense. I'll have to go to Petco or Petsmart then and buy her a better brand (would you recomend any brand that they sell in a supermarket or is all that food pretty much not good for them?). When she was younger I did feed her Science Diet but it just got way to expensive (a 3.5lb bag would run almost 10 bucks).
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Thing about true premium read the labels ... I try to avaoid by proucts , corn( corn gluten is okay) soy, digest and any chemical pres...

Many dont like wheat , I prefer none but it isnt trouble unless cat is allergy prone..

for decent to good quality

Max cat by Nutro( some have wheat )

Chn soup ( this can be very reasonalble at a feed store often 17$ for a 20lb bag)

Royal Canin many have corn but are good over all

California natural

Natural choice by Nutro ( this is what Zoey eats and her vet commented what a great coat she has)

As for grocery I have not found a dry that meets my pickiness ... Plus you need to look for omega 6 of at least 3.5%
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I'll have to try the Natural Choice...you sold me on that =o) She has a nice coat, its shiny and soft but the shedding is just really getting out of control. Plus I'm going to be having a baby in a month so I don't want her hair all over the place like it is now a days.
Thanks for the help =o)
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I agree, diet is a big reason for a poor haircoat.
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