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how many cats do you have?

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how many cats do you have. you might think i have seven. well i did. i have 6 cats. the seventh lives in my heart.:angel4:

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5 all together although I only live with 4.

That's plenty for me..... Even though I said the same thing at 3.
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thats so funny! we started with 2 cats. got a third. hubby said no more. one night he came home from work (3 years ago) he had a surprise for me. well, i had a surprise for him! he pulled a little black kitten out of his coat. i went and got my surprise, a little black kitten that i found outside. it was so funny! he drives a semi and saw the kitten he had in the road. he pulled over and got him. that was sox. so then we had 5 cats. and then couple months later we was at a yard sale and there were these beautiful kittens. the lady said she was taking them to the humaine society. i had to save one of them. i was sure what their fate was. so then we had 6. omally! the yard sale kitty! then my 6 year old at the time daughter brought me this tiny orange kitten that was wet. she said some boys got her wet and was being mean. she later told me she lied about that, but it worked. milo made 7. so with in 4 months time we added 4 more cats. i don't see me getting any more as much as i would love to. i don't think my other cats would handle it.

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lol that's too funny. I did something similar when I lived with my dad. I wanted to adopt Fallon so bad that I told him I was going to be fostering this little cat and she wouldn't be staying with me long and as soon as she found a home she'd be going.

He was kind of reluctant and a bit wise to it since I pulled something similar when I got my Iguana. He told me I couldn't have an Iguana so when he went away for vacation and came back there was the Iguana. I told him Brian bought him for me for valentine's day and I couldn't give him back.

Needless to say He let me take Fallon in and kept the Iguana. I'm sure he's glad we're all out of his house now.
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We only have 2, and since we live in an apartment that's all we can have. We actually had to move because of the cats. We didn't mean to have any pets (due to pet deposit, etc.) and within a week found ourselves with 2. Our previous apartment only allowed 1, and as much as we tried we couldn't keep the little ones out of the windows. They at least worked with us to let us find another place and wait until our lease was up (2 months). So the search was on for an apartment that allowed 2 cats. I know that there isn't one out there that allows more, so I will have to be content with my 2. They are very possessive of their respective parents (Trent is mommy's boy, and Ophelia is daddy's girl), so I don't think they would do well with another addition. Maybe if/when we get our own place we will reconsider...
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Currently we have 2 females.
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3 boys here, though it's too many in an apartment

fond memories of several more, some who went to other homes and 3 who are beyond the veil
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I have 2 cats, Sadie and Soltie (the girls). I would love to have more but the girls say 2 enough. Actually Soltie thinks there is one too many already. She would love to be an only cat, but Sadie has issues with this. Never boring here.
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We have 2 cats. Cosmo is about 1 year a white and brown bi-color tabby. Lucy is about 5 and she has long grey hair. At the moment she is shaved like a lion and loves the freedom of not having hair. I want more cats, but Lucy and Cosmo get along to terribly that I don't think it would be fair the them or a new cat. I have to keep Lucy and Cosmo in seperate rooms at all times because of fighting, but it is better than giving one of them away! I love them too much to give one up!:tounge2:

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Wow, Lucy's haircut sounds amazing! I don't suppose you have pictures you could post? (hint, hint)
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I belong to 4 cats. Fred and Leo, my boys. Pearl and Georgia, my girls. All VERY spoiled. They all get along, so I guess I'm lucky. I often come home and find a big, tangled kitty pile sleeping on my bed. Fred is the Papa cat, and washes everbody's little faces every morning. Pearl and Georgia take turns washing his. It is so cute.
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We have 2 cats living among us! They make our lives interesting and full of fun We did have 3, but found that in our small apartment, it was too much, and my allergies got 100x's worse, so one of my boyfriend's good pals took her in. I still miss Merridean. She was a gorgeous longhair callico!
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Just Opie, for now. Last summer, I lost 4 to my divorce (long, painful story). As soon as the Humane Society has kittens ready, though, Opie gets a little brother or sister.
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We have 2. Snuggles, our affectionate and ofcourse snuggly boy. Twinkles, our affectionate and adventurous girl. Both are still kittens and have added sooooo much to our lives. I can't remember what it was like before they came into our lives. :tounge2:
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My SO and I are owned by four kitties! Two boys and two girls!
Twig we got from His cousins farm cats
Rocket we got from a cat show
Isis and Luna were feral females from the same feral group and they became inside cats when Isis lost her last bunch of babies and Lunas were ready to go off on their own and I thought she didn't need anymore being so young and innocent. So they are now with me and my boys(and my SO). I love and spoil them equally.(my So says I spoil them too much) I couldn't get them much for xmas since they ahd most every cat toy on the shelves at Petsmart..So we got them another cat tower!
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3 Females

Toonces (looks like a Russian Blue) will be 9 in August
Buttons (looks like a siamese/burmese) just turned 8 this month and her sister
Patches (a tortoiseshell) just turned 8 this month.
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We have 2 kitties, brother and sister that were brought in to the humane society when they were about 11 weeks old. Someone found them outside. We adopted them when they were 12 weeks old. Boo is the female and Socks is the male. They are both brown tabbys. The are 7 months old now and so cute!
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I have 2 cats presently but that could change if I keep going and looking at cats at the shelters.

Whisky is 9 and Oliver is 3. I've had Whisky since he was 1 1/2 and I just got Oliver this last Thanksgiving. BTW they are both orange tabbies. Oliver has more white on him though.
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I have one cat her name is angel and she is a big orange tabby.
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I am currently owned by 12 wonderful kitties. With the new additions I have 20 (YIKES). When May rolls around and I get to bring my Maine Coon home, I will have 13 resident kitties Of course, I could probably count the dog since he thinks he's a cat now.
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Right at the moment........9 all feral rescues. But kitty season is upon us soon....... I am sure the number will go up.
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Well, it all started so innocently. We got one cat, Cerise. Then she needed a friend, so we added Aja. Then we were passing the humane society one day and decided to stop in. That required the addition of Elmer. Then we heard about a cool shelter and wanted to check it out and make some donations. That resulted in Molly. We were supposed to stop there. But....a feral we had been taking care of brought me a baby one night. That made 5 with new baby Cally. We were trying to find a suitable home for the feral over Christmas and found out he wasn't so feral after all. So Frankie makes 6. We gotta stop there! :laughing2
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