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Do Cats Musk as Defense Mechanism?

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Whenever my husband plays with our female cat (she is fixed), she will drop a dark brown like liquid. Its not a huge puddle but rather several drops of it. This has only happened twice in the 3 years that I have had her and has happened recently. She did it today and she did it a few months ago. Once she drops this liquid she will stop what she's doing once my husband and I notice it and will lick at it.

I've tried looking this up to see if I could find anything on it but I can't seem to get any information on this (unless I'm just not putting in the right words). Does anyone have any clue as to whats going on?
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It sounds like anal gland material. Anal glands are 2 scent glands located at the rim of the anus. It sounds like your cat is releasing this material during her playing, I would not be too concerned by it.
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You know, I did not think of that. I knew dogs can have problems with the anal glands but didn't think about cats having problems with them as well. That makes a lot of sense. Do you think I should have the glands drained every so often or just let them be? I read that they should drain themselves when they poop but I have no clue if her's are...I just know that she's dropped that liquid twice when my husband played with her.
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I would not mess with them at this point. She seems to be able to express them just fine, I think she just gets excited or worked up and then express's them when she is playing.
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That works for me. I'll just have to tell my husband to not play with her on the bed anymore (both times she did this has been on our bed...once was on the sheets so I was able to clean those but she did it today on our down comforter =o/

Thanks for all the help =o)
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To answer the question, if some cats can use the anal glands as a defence mechanism?: yes, they can and do. They can give away "smells" in defence from this behind glands. In rare cases even spray with them a little, like an animal not unknown in USA!
- Had read this witnessed on a forum.

But what these brown drops are I dont know. They dont smell terribly, dont they? If not, they are not the smelly anal glands products. But anal glands can perhaps give several different liquids??
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