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D.T. for Sunday

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Hi, everyone. I hope everyone survived the time change without jet lag! I got up at six, unfortunately, so I'll try to nap later. Tonight should be a half decent tv night for a change. A and E has a program calle Shackleton at 8:00 DST in the east, which will be repeated at 10:00, about an expedition to the South Pole. It is being promoted in the newspaper also, so it sounds good. In fact there are several programs on tonight that look promising. What a change for Sunday. The sun is shining in PA. I hope everyone has a great day with their families!
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It is a beautiful day here in TN, suspose to get up to 70 today. Survived the the time change this morning, but the real test will be tomorrow morning. Daylight Savings Time is not my favorite, I like waking up to daylight, tomorrow morning when I get up it will be dark, but when I get off work it will seem like I getting off early.
Hope everyone has a great day, because I'm going too.
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Still rainy here in D/FW. Actually, I have never lived in a place with such violent rains before. (I've lived in several places that got blizzards, but there's no flash flooding or danger of being swept down a storm drain with snow.) The thunder begins with a clap almost like a gunshot and rumbles for sometimes almost a whole minute, waking me up and even setting off people's car alarms!

No plans for me for today. Just some house cleaning and maybe work in my daughter's room. I haven't found my cd player yet so it's hard to work in there, too quiet. Might look in storage, though, I suppose it could still be there. Plus it would give me a chance to get some more of JIm's things out of the house.
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I am not surviving the time change as well as some! Hubby DJs at a club, so we got home just in time to set the clocks ahead. We didn't end up getting to sleep until 3:30-4:00. It's going to be tough getting up tomorrow.

Another beautiful day here. We have been putting the plants outside on the balcony (I only have 2 - I'm not real good with plants.) and they are soaking up the warmth. The kitties love that we have the windows open. They just sit there sunning themselves and enjoying the fresh air. Ahhh, simple pleasures.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday. Back to the grind tomorrow.
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I got up this morning and did water aerobics. Then off to a different grocery store to find decent strawberries and a cantelope. Gotta have my fruit for the week. I rented some movies. Got 'The one', 'Training day', 'Ed Gein' and 'a knights tale'. S/O and I are currently watching 'the one'. He wanted to see it in the theatre and I had no interest, so that's why I'm on the laptop right now instead of paying attention.

It's a pretty nice day here as well. Sunny but a bit cold. 45 degrees or so.

Hope everyone has a peaceful sunday!
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Nice and sunny here although it would have been nicer if it weren't for the wind. I think I would have enjoyed the day more if it weren't for this cold that's making my eyes water every minute. Looks like I've been crying because my eyes are so puffy and red.

Anyhow I got my food shopping done. Never a fun task but serves a good purpose. Seems like you spend so much and there's hardly anything in your cart.

I just got back from a nice long walk. Boy are my legs stiff. My tummy is grumbling so I'm going to go make dinner. Enjoy the rest of the evening everyone!!
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S/O and I are currently watching 'the one'.

i have such a crush on jet li
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after watching it, so do I!
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AZ doesn't do DST. Had more than my quota of stupid people at work - BEFORE 9:00 AM. Not TOO busy, though. Bill did the laundry and got a nice T-bone, for the grill. I'm a lucky woman!
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One of the rare times I check in on the weekend. In a few minutes it will be Monday.

Met with the Real Estate agent today and fell in love with the last house we saw. Too bad we can't put down a contract until the first part of May and I doubt it will be on the market that long. We probably shouldn't have started looking so early but we wanted to get an idea of what would be out there.

We are about to have a major storm system blow through here in a couple of minutes, according the weather reports.

Mmmmmmm, AP fruit is so yummy. I could eat fresh fruit a couple times a day everyday.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, talk to ya tomorrow.
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